Nearly 900 Children Tested Positive for H.I.V. in Small Pakistani City

Since only a fraction of the population has been tested, lawmakers warn there could be even more children with H.I.V.

What We Know:

  • The suspected reason for the spread was the continued reuse of syringes from doctor Muzaffar Ghanghro, according to the New York Times. He worked mainly with the poorer regions, charging 20 cents for every visit. Ghanghro has denied any claims of wrongdoing.
  • About 1,100 people have tested positive and almost 900 of them are younger than 12 years old. Officials claim Ghanghro may not be the only reason for the outbreak, despite being a factor. This is due to the many unsanitary areas in the city which could lead to people possibly receiving HIV.
  • Many of the victims of HIV are forced to be isolated in this city. A 2-year-old who contracted HIV couldn’t play with the other kids.

Dr. Ghanghro was arrested and charged with negligence, manslaughter, and causing unintentional harm but hasn’t been convicted yet.