Pam Long From 90s Group Total Accuses Cyntoia Brown’s Husband Jamie Long of Physical And Sexual Abuse

Pam Long talks about an email Jaime Long’s camp sent to her. Jamie Long, who is currently married to Cyntoia Brown-Long, has been making headlines promoting his wife’s new book Free Cyntoia: My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System.

What We Know:

  • Long said, her ex-husband’s camp had released information about her professional and personal life to bash her in the media.
  • “There was a story that came out from my ex-husband Jamie Long. It was an email from his camp that was sent. It was the most horrific lie. It was so strategically put together… to try to bring a couple of things I went through in my life… even when I worked at White Castle. It was put together as if when he met me, this was where I was in my life, which in fact was not so.”
  • Long said working in fast food was God’s way of humbling her. She said even while working at White Castle she was offered singing gigs that would have paid thousands of dollars but God told her to decline the offer.
  • She clears up the lies her former husband said about her sexuality and how she was forced to marry him to please her mother, which wasn’t the case. Long said, “This joker lied even on my mother. He said that my mother wanted me to get married to a man because my choice was women, and my mom didn’t want me to be with women, so she wanted me to marry him, because he was a man.”
  • Long described the reason behind their split. At first, she didn’t want to hatch out the details because she wanted to protect him but is open to talking about it now. She revealed that he was physically and sexually abusive towards her. “How about the man that forces himself on women? Do you remember that night? You wanna go there, but I don’t think you want to talk about you. Hook me up to any machine…” She also revealed that he’s physically abused her when he allegedly threw her across a bed.
  • Long first blasted her ex after headlines revealed he and Brown-Long are married. She said, “this man is diabolical and he is such a manipulator. The way this man pursued this woman is the way he did me. He came and found me using the same card, ‘He was a Christian artist.’ May the Lord God protect her and her money. It’s about who she is in the public eye and what she has.”
  • Both Jaime and Brown-Long have since responded to Long’s allegations. Jamie said that Long is being selfish and is trying to revamp her career. He emphasizes that what he and his wife are doing is serious and that his marriage with his former wife has been over for over five years. Jamie also said while they were married, he didn’t see Pam as much.

Despite the controversy, Long and Brown-Long remained in a united front, and have been promoting her memoir.