Endangered Species Act is being Weakened by Trump Administration

Current endangered and threatened species’ lives are now in jeopardy thanks to changes of the Endangered Species Act made by the Trump Administration.

What We Know:

  • On August 12th, the Trump Administration made some potentially damaging changes to the Endangered Species Act. These changes would weaken the protection of many species and also possibly open up huge areas of land for the development of gas and oil.
  • The act was established by President Richard Nixon in 1973. Since its establishment, the Endangered Species Act has been protecting over 1,650 species and has been recognized for its massive impact. It has been credited with the prevented extinction of many different animals such as America’s national bird, the bald eagle, and the grizzly bear.
  • Despite countless evidence showing that the Endangered Species Act is effective, the Trump Administration is choosing to continue their neglect of the imminent threat of climate change.
  • With this act, protections for threatened species will be assessed on a case by case basis rather than having the same protection as endangered species had before. Which animal will be saved on this episode of planet Earth?
  • With next year’s November elections coming sooner than later, the issue of climate change is a topic in that is the focus of most, if not all, the presidential candidates.

With these possible devastating effects looming in our future one thing is for sure, the Trump Administration continues to gain momentum in its eradication of Earth and its natural resources.