Jeff Flake Joins Two-Dozen Former GOP Members to Back Biden

Jeff Flake Joins Two-dozen Former GOP Members to Back Biden

Former Republican Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, has always been a firm critic of President Donald Trump. Most recently, he’s banded together with various other Republican lawmakers in an unusual move to support the opposing party. He will be endorsing the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

What We Know:

  • According to Fox News on Monday, Biden’s campaign went ahead and announced the list of endorsements earlier in the day. A good portion of the list includes former members of Congress, who have already demonstrated their support for the Democratic nominee. Some of those included Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), who is now an independent, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) and former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.).
  • The list also included several former lawmakers, predominantly Republican. Among them are Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), Chris Shays (R-Conn.), and Alan Steelman (R-Texas), just to name a few.
  • An official from the Biden campaign made a note that many of these former Congressmen and women had similar ideas. They all agreed upon a common notion, that Trump and his administration were corrupt, destroying democracy, and have a clear disregard for moral decency. They believe in order to get the U.S back on course, support for Biden is crucial to this election.
  • Flake released a video statement on Twitter Monday afternoon he titled, “Here’s who I’ll be supporting for president, and why”.

  • “Indifference to the truth or to the careful stewardship of the institutions of American liberty is not conservative,” Flake said. “So it is because of my conservatism, and because of my belief in the Constitution, and in the separation of power – and because I am gravely concerned about the conduct and behavior of our current president – that I stand here today, proudly and wholeheartedly, to endorse Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America,” he continued.

Flake’s announcement joins the decision other Republicans like Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Rep. Susan Molinari (N.Y.), who spoke in the Democratic National Convention (DNC) the past week. Former Republican presidential candidate and CEO for Hewlett-Packard (HP), Carly Fiorina, has also previously supported Biden.