California Bans Small Plastic Bottles of Hotel Toiletries

The state of California has officially banned the use of small plastic bottles as toiletries in hotels.

What We Know:

  • California Governor Gavin Newsome signed a bill on Wednesday, October 9th, that will begin to ban hotels from providing toiletries in their hotel rooms. This will help to limit the countless amount of plastic containers that are constantly disposed of by hotels and their guests.
  • Set to take effect in 2023, the bill was co-authored by Assembly Member Ash Kaira of San Jose as AB 1162. AB 1162 will apply to all lodging establishments that have more than fifty hotel rooms.
  • By 2024, hotels in California with less than fifty rooms will have to cease the use of tiny toiletry bottles. However, AB 1162 does not apply to residential retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals, homeless shelters, jails or prisons.
  • If a hotel in California chooses to not abide by the new ban, they will have some serious consequences to consider. The first offense will be a written warning, along with a $500 fine for each day the hotel continues the use of tiny toiletry bottles. Anything further than a second violation will consist of a $2,000 fine.
  • Kaira stated that before the ban, small plastic bottles under twelve ounces have caused a sizable amount of waste. He also believes that AB 1162 will help fix the solution. California was the first state to ban plastic bags, beginning in 2014. It’s no wonder they’re moving to limit single-use plastics, i.e., single plastic water bottles, grocery bags, and straws.

Good looking out for the state of California on taking a step in going green. Let us know in the comments what state you’re in and if you’re ready for them to get with the program, too.