TI Challenges Candace Owens at Revolt Summit

T.I went after Candace Owens when she began to defend Trump at the Revolt Summit.

What We Know:

  • His main argument during this exchange was “When was America actually great, what is Trump trying to emulate?” This led to a conversation about slavery where Candace stated that every nation in the world committed slavery.
  • Candace clarified that she was referring to the Regan administration when she talked about the president’s hope to bring us back to the past.

  • Candance asked T.I. and the crowd why they would not even let her finish a sentence. She later tweeted how there were no losers in this conversation because we all won by “making a moment for Black America.”

There’s an argument to be made on both sides about the state of African American lives in the United States. African American unemployment has fallen to the lowest in history. African Americans are disproportionally represented in prison. You decide where you stand on whether life has gotten better for African Americans.