Explosion in Farmington, Maine Leaves Multiple People Injured

One firefighter is dead and 6 other people injured at a LEAP (Life Enrichment Advancing People) facility, according to CNN.

What We Know:

  • LEAP is a group that helps people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Farmington Police Chief Jack Peck confirmed that the firefighters went to the facility to check out a gas smell after 8 p.m. The building exploded when they arrived, multiple homes in the area were destroyed alongside the facility. Peck stated that this was an “unfortunate, tragic accident.”

  • It has been determined that the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak.
  • Four firefighters, an ambulance worker, and an employee of the building were injured in the blast.

  • Governor Janet Mills stated statewide flags will be flown at half-staff out of respect for the firefighter who lost his life.

One Farmington resident stated he was lying in bed when his building “shook with a thunderous boom” this led to his home losing power.