Texas based company creates whimsical casket for Maleah Davis

Maleah Davis’ final resting place will be a whimsical casket adorned with artwork from “My Little Pony.”

What We Know:

  • The custom design is the work of Trey Ganem’s SoulShine Industries. The team spent 12 hours working on the casket that embodies the beautiful and cheerful girl she was despite her tragic and gruesome death. Ganem said he received a ton of requests from strangers asking if he could create a casket representative of the four-year-old’s innocence and spirit.
  • “We probably got 200 people asking us to help this family out,” Ganem told Inside Edition. After reading about the tragedy, Ganem and his wife were more than ready to help out in a huge way.
  • Craig Davis, Maleah’s biological father shared a photo of the casket on Instagram. The casket was colorful and Maleah’s full name—Maleah Lynn Davis—appeared at the bottom of it in bright colors. “Maleah spread love and laughter wherever she went,” Maleah’s obituary read.
  • “She loved Rainbow Dash,” Ganem said the family told him, referencing one of the main characters on the children’s show. “That kind of steered us in the direction we went with.” The top of the casket showed Maleah riding on Rainbow Dash among clouds, as a rainbow shines above.
  • Ganem’s team all felt personally invested in making sure this casket would be beautiful for Maleah. “They were crying up there, working on stuff. You could hear it in everybody’s voice; this was just something super, super special. This one really grabbed us,” Ganem said.

The private funeral for Maleah was held on Saturday at the Crossing Community Church in Houston, Texas. Mayor Sylvester Turner shared a few words during the service. “I do believe very strongly that because of Maleah more children are being protected, being loved, being nurtured than ever before,” Turner said.


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