Oregon Lawmakers Skip Meeting With Dems To Avoid Climate Change Vote

Oregon Senate Republicans protest climate change legislation by walking out and hiding during voting.

What We Know:

  • On Thursday evening, the senators fled the statehouse to avoid voting on a major climate change legislation that would regulate carbon emissions.
  • “Senate Republican Kate Gillem confirmed that some members left the state to avoid a vote because state police don’t have jurisdiction outside Oregon,” Usnews said.
  • The missing Republican State Senators who fled Oregon will be fined $500 each day if they don’t fulfill their role in the vote.
  • A GoFundMe page was created to raise money to pay the fines for the 12 Oregon senators, as their fines grew up to $4,000.
  • “Senate President Peter Courtney has requested the governor to deploy the state police to physically compel members back to the Statehouse,” Usnews said.

Even though the Democrats have enough votes to pass the cap-and-trade bill over the Republicans, they still can’t physically pass the vote because they do not have enough senators to meet the requirements.