Beyonce’s 2000s Hip Hopera “Carmen” to be Featured by Netflix

Beyoncé’s 2000s classic “Carmen” will be featured on Netflix for the month of June.

What We Know…

  • The feature of “Carmen” is part of Netflix Strong Black Lead’s initiative to stream more classic black films which will bring throwback films to Netflix in rotation.
  • “Carmen” will be featured for the month of June on Netflix. The hip-hop musical was released by MTV in 2001, starring Beyoncé and Mekhi Phifer. The “hip-hopera” is based off Georges Bizet’s opera “Carmen.”

  • The film was Beyoncé’s acting debut, which she has followed up with beloved films like Dreamgirls and Austin Powers. She teamed up with Netflix earlier this year for her documentary “Homecoming.”
  • Strong Black Lead is a group of black Netflix Executives created in 2018 to focus on the Black community by featuring black content creators and talent on the streaming service.

We can’t wait to see what throwbacks are featured next. What classics do you want to see on Netflix?