Coachella 2024: 6 Things To Do Besides Listening to Music – Travel Noire

Coachella is a music and art festival like no other. The fest is extremely popular online for having some of the most popular musical artists perform. Much of the appeal of Coachella is the diversity of music, food, and company. While many attendees focus on having the cutest festival outfit, festival supplies, and seeing their favorite artists perform, there is much else to do there.

Check out Coachella’s best things to do in and outside of the fest. 

Coachella Things To Do

Check out some popular things to do inside of the Coachella festival.
pictured: a night at Coachella with bright glowing decor and attendees taking pictures
Photo credit: Andrew Ruiz

Although the musical guests are more than enough to keep Coachella attendees busy, there is also much more to do. Throughout the fest grounds, travelers will find cool activations and areas to enjoy during their time at the festival. 

Activities Tent

The activities tent is an area with games, competitions, and DJs. Attendees can engage in a dance battle, play beer pong, or even giant tic-tac-toe. The tent has lots to do that will keep attendees entertained. There is even a raffle giveaway where participants can win merch vouchers, Ferris wheel rides, food vouchers, and even VIP upgrades. 

Coachella Art Studio  

The art studio is like an arts and crafts area for adults. It is a great space to relax in between music sets. Some of the top activities in the art studio are making handmade jewelry or custom-making roll-on essential oil scents. Fans can adorn their jewelry throughout the festival grounds and wear their personalized fragrance with wellness benefits. 

Coachella Shopping 

This area will include merchandise that attendees can choose from. The shopping area even features limited edition merchandise, including some from lineup artists. There are headliner tents that have exclusive goods, as well as a VIP store. This store is accessible to VIP ticket holders and includes custom embroidery and chain stitching areas.  

Things To Do in the Surrounding Area of Coachella

These are the coolest things to do near Coachella.
pictured: the desert near Coachella
Photo credit: Cedric Letsch

There is also plenty to do around the area where Coachella is held. For travelers visiting on an extended stay or attending both festival weekends, exploring nearby is worthwhile considering that Coachella is held in a desert valley. Coachella attendees looking to branch out will find these things to do a fun way to make the non-Coachella time pass. 

Joshua Tree National Park

This location is for travelers who have extra time on their hands. It is a substantial drive since Joshua Tree is about an hour’s drive away from Coachella Valley. However, it is a great place to visit during a Coachella vacation, especially for road-tripping travelers. The Joshua Tree National Park is technically two desert ecosystems. The Colorado and Mojave Deserts are within the park and visitors can drive through, hike, or even camp there. 

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 

Travelers will enjoy the breathtaking views of the tramway. It is the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world. It has been open since 1963, transporting people from Coachella Valley to the peak of the San Jacinto Peak. Riding the tramway will cost visitors about $30 per person.

The Living Desert

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens are also close to Coachella Valley. It is open daily and features some immersive animal experiences for travelers. The zoo specializes in desert animals, so travelers can see creatures from the African Savannah and even Australia. The attraction even features 50 gardens that represent international deserts.