A Wife Reconstructs Her Hymen To Be A Virgin To Marry Her Husband, ‘The Receipts Podcast’ Hosts Revealed Her Explosive Secret

On the Feb. 4, episode of The Receipts Podcast, Tolly T and Audrey delved into the story of a listener whose sister underwent hymen reconstruction surgery to fake being a virgin to marry her now-husband. The decision was driven by the listener’s sister’s growing religious faith and her husband’s judgmental stance on matters of chastity.

Inside the eyebrow-raising letter, the 31-year-old listener shared that her 28-year-old sister underwent hymen reconstruction surgery three years ago after she grew a close connection to her spirituality. According to the confessor, her sister used to be “an active fornicator,” but after she found God, she transformed her entire life. Her sister joined a church and, while there, found the love of her life.  

Although her younger sibling’s husband is “kind and generous,” the listener finds his views to be “misogynistic.” She shared that he frequently perceives her as “pitiful” because she is unmarried with a 5-year-old child. 

However, Tolly T and Audrey’s faces flashed a look of shock when the tale took an unexpected twist.

Inside the letter, the 31-year-old listener revealed that while her sister and brother-in-law are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child together, her sister harbors a significant secret that could jeopardize their newfound family. For the past five years, she has been raising her 28-year-old sister’s 5-year-old biological child, conceived before she met her husband.

According to the confidante, her sister’s husband is under the impression that his wife was a virgin prior to their marriage.

When questioned about the best approach to disclosing her sister’s child and the truth about her sexual history to her sibling’s husband, Tolly T and Audrey paused to digest the unusual story. 

“So firstly, that whole big construction of the hymen. I didn’t know that the surgery could be done. I think it’s stupid surgery because you can break your hymen doing many other things,” Audrey said before delving into her perspective on the listener’s dilemma regarding her sister’s rejection of her 5-year-old child.

“I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where the Lord says don’t bring your children or deny yourself of who you are.”

Tolly T agreed with the sentiment. The podcaster said she felt as though the listener’s sister and her husband’s thoughts on virginity and sex were outdated. 

“I feel like those people that would want to do that is because of the person they’re pandering to…. I  think those sorts of people with that mindset believe it’s connected to virginity and virginity only.”

While it remains unclear whether the listener’s sibling was unable to care for her child due to mental health issues or other circumstances, Tolly T and Audrey emphasized the importance of the listener’s role in facilitating a reconnection between her sister and her 5-year-old child.

“It’s giving that she did it for the sake of a man,” Tolly T said. “She wanted to create this illusion of herself… for the sake of a man. I’m sorry. That relationship is not worth it, if I can’t even claim my child.”

Social media users react to the crazy tale on The Receipts Podcast.

Netizens in the comments section were taken aback by the shocking story and shared their reactions to the wild tale on The Receipts Podcast’s Instagram page.

“She has not found Christ,” wrote one user underneath a clip of the juicy episode. 

Another listener commented, “So the sister is willing to disown her own child? SMH!”

A third Instagram user penned, “What kind of God requires you to disown your child and lie about your past to please a man who is likely ran through but expects to marry an adult virgin?”

A fourth person chimed in, “I was not ready for this level of TEA!”

We weren’t ready either.

Listen to the full episode below. What did you think of this wild story on The Receipts Podcast? Do you have some advice for this listener?


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