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Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster & Ron Funches / Credit: Apple TV+

*We caught up with Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Nat Faxon, and Ron Funches to discuss the highly anticipated second season of “LOOT.”

The trio brings to life the vibrant characters of Sofia Salinas, Arthur, and Howard, respectively. As they explained in our conversation, viewers are poised for an even deeper dive into the complexities of their relationships and dynamics with the third-wealthiest woman in the world, Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph). 

“Loot” season two kicks off a year after Molly Wells settles her very public divorce from tech billionaire John Novak (Adam Scott), and we find her thriving in her role as the head of her philanthropic organization, the Wells Foundation, per the press release: 

The description continues, “Focused mainly on her charity work, Molly has sworn off any new relationships with men and embarks on a wellness journey. Fabulously single but not particularly independent, Molly keeps her trusty assistant Nicholas (Booster) by her side. He diligently caters to her every whim … and occasionally feeds her a kale smoothie spiked with gin.”

The synopsis continues, “The Wells Foundation team must pull together as co-workers and friends as Molly strives to publicly live up to her promise of giving away all of her vast fortune.” Watch the season two trailer below.

“I think the second season is exciting because now that we’ve laid all the groundwork, we really get to dive into Molly’s idea of cleansing,” Rudolph told EUR exclusively.

“It’s going fully into wellness. ‘I made a bunch of mistakes. I’m going to clean that up by purifying myself.’ She’s doing all the things, which means Nicholas is really doing all the things, to start over. Fresh start,” the actress continued. 

LOOT season 2
Ron Funches & Nat Faxon / Credit: Apple TV+

In our exclusive interview, Michaela, Nat, and Ron tease what fans can expect about their characters’ evolution and dynamic with Molly. Watch the clip below.

“Loot” season two will debut with the first two episodes on Wednesday, April 3, on Apple TV+. New episodes will be added every Wednesday through May 29. Watch the first season on the platform.


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