The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser Collects $500k From Rapper as She Fights Him Over Alleged ‘Shell Companies’

The Game was ordered to pay $7.1 million in damages to a reality dating show contestant after a jury in 2016 found him liable for sexual battery in connection with an off-camera date.

via: Radar Online

The Game’s sexual assault accuser Priscilla Rainey accused the rapper of creating shell companies in an effort to avoid paying up on a $7 million judgment.

According to court documents obtained by, Rainey laid out her case against The Game, his manager Cash Jones, and the rapper’s various companies including JTT Holdings, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment, and Pass Go 2 Win LLC.

In 2016, Rainey was awarded millions after suing The Game for sexual assault. She was a contestant on the rapper’s VH1 dating show, She’s Got Game.

During filming, Rainey said while on a date, The Game, “forcefully” reached his hand inside her dress to rub her genitals and buttocks.

Rainey claimed The Game was high on “alcohol and drugs.” The Game denied the accusations but was hit with a massive judgment at the end of a trial.

For years, Rainey has been attempting to collect on the money owed. Her legal team has filed various lawsuits demanding Rainey be allowed to seize The Game’s royalties and business profits.

In 2021, Rainey filed a new lawsuit against The Game and various companies. She claimed The Game and his manager were using the companies to move money to try and prevent her from being able to seize it.

In her new motion, she revealed “To date, after years of multi-state litigation to discover and execute on Taylor’s assets, Rainey has collected approximately $500,000.00 on the $7,130,100.00 Judgment, which is exclusive of interest and costs.”

“Jones and [The Game] conspired together to transfer and conceal [The Game’s] assets by transferring them among themselves and shell companies under their control. No one need guess about [The Game’s] and Jones’ intent to not pay the Judgment owed by [The Game] to Rainey, as they have made it abundantly clear in various social media posts that they never intend to pay a dime to Rainey on her judgment,” her filing read.

Since she won the judgment, Rainey said The Game has transferred ownership of his company to Jones, The Game transferred ownership in his home from a company to Jones himself, and The Game transferred the rights to his trademark to Jones’ company.

Rainey claimed The Game purchased his mansion in question in 2017 and had the title held in JTT Holdings.

She claimed after she accused him of contempt in court, he resigned as JTT Holdings’ manager and transferred JTT Holdings to Jones. She said Jones claimed The Game gave him the home because he owed him $200k because he had helped the rapper make mortgage payments in the past.

Rainey said the home was worth $2.8 million and had over $800k in equity — more than the alleged $200k owed by The Game. She said The Game continues to live in the home despite Taylor being the owner on paper.

Rainey believes the transfer was fraudulent. She asked the court to rule the home is owned by The Game, which would allow her to place a lien on the pad.

Jones denied all allegations of wrongdoing. A trial is scheduled for next month.

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