Uncle Luke Denies Gloria Velez’s Grooming Allegation: ‘No Underage People Be Doing No Shows With Me’ [Photos + Video]

Uncle Luke has heard about Gloria Velez’s claims that he “groomed” her when she was younger, and needless to say, he’s not too happy about it.

via: Complex

On Saturday, former model and video vixen Gloria Velez took to her Instagram to give her take on abuse in the music industry after allegations made against Sean “Diddy” Combs by ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura made headlines earlier this month. Last week, a third sexual assault allegation that was made against Diddy also reportedly involves Aaron Hall, whom Velez shares a child with.

“If you don’t think grooming is happening in this business your (sic) sadly mistaken,” wrote Velez on her Instagram Stories. “It’s (sic) started 1994 with Luke and a few others in this business. I was in high school.”

“South Florida 1993/1994. Teen clubs. Where the pedophilia men scouted &groomed (It was their playground),” Velez added, before including a photo of her student I.D. card issued from Stoneman Douglas High School. “I look like a baby.”

Velez’s comments spread throughout the blogosphere, and it didn’t take long for Luke to catch wind of it.

Under the comments section of an Instagram gossip page, Luke wrote, “No no no Luke don’t get down like that baby. Keep your Convention on your baby daddy before you get a defamation lawsuit.”

An undated video of Luke further responding to Velez’s allegations began to circulate, as he explained that he had just learned what “grooming” meant.

“Y’all got the right one, I don’t have no problem going to court,” says the former 2 Live Crew member in the video. “I’m not Russell Simmons. I’m not them other people, I don’t do that, I know my brand. My brand is Luke, ‘Hey, we want some pussy,’ ‘Face down, ass up, that’s how we like to fuck,’ ‘Me so horny.’”

Luke continued, “The problem is when you know your brand and you know what you’re singing about, you subject yourself to be in that kind of trap faster. So what you have to do is really not be about what those songs is talking about because you can get yourself jammed up. I video everything. Everybody sign releases. I do shows. Ain’t no underage people be doing no show with me. I fire girls … This is not a traveling whorehouse. So you going to mess around with these other artists? You’re gonna get sent home, sweetheart. You get fired.”

Velez’s comments are in line with an Instagram post made in 2019 where she describes difficulties she experienced in the music industry.

“I’ve experienced a lot in this industry and never spoke out. Because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s career even tho they hurt me. The only reason why I spoke out about my son’s father was because I had to protect my son from him. It wasn’t about me,” she wrote.

She continued, “All my life I’ve heard yeah u was young but look at you. Your body. Your beautiful. So our society blames the woman always. Look how your dressed, why did u go with him etc. a young girl [naive] looking up to an older man doesn’t give him the right to take advantage her. I believe those women who made claims about r Kelly. I felt there pain. I couldn’t stop the tears coming down my face while I watched. I’m happy women are finally speaking out. Its time.”

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