Halle Bailey Pregnancy Rumors Hit A Fever Pitch After New Pics Surface, GLAMOUR WOTY Awards Appearance, False Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy rumors have been surrounding The Little Mermaid star, Halle Bailey, for months. But new pics showcasing what most people believe is a clear and present baby bump, are sending the rumors into over drive.



The rumors hit a fever pitch when Halle, 23, showed up to yet another event this week with a belly-disguising (but absolutely STUNNING) look. While receiving the GLAMOUR Woman of the Year Award in London, she snapped pics with 26-year-old boyfriend, Daryl “DDG” Grandberry, Jr., and (affectionately?) called him her husband while posting their pics on her Snapchat.

One day before the couple jetted to London, though, they were spotted out and about in L.A.:

Folks are saying Halle looks obviously with child.




When her accompanying GLAMOUR UK magazine cover story dropped the following morning after the Awards, a quote inside of her self-written story that revealed she’s newly married and pregnant, sent the rumors into a FEVER PITCH! It was giving Brandy circa 2004 when she told the world she was married – when we later found out that was a lie – after the world learned she was pregnant at 17. Or Solange Knowles’ seemingly shotgun wedding with Daniel Julez Smith when she was 17 and pregnant with Julez, Jr.

The quote appeared on the GLAMOUR UK website version of the cover story, and it went viral as soon as folks discovered it. Shortly after, it was revealed that the magazine’s editor made a “mistake”, and accidentally included that confirmation-esque quote in Halle’s article. It was actually a quote from Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock‘s cover story that came out previously. Leigh-Anne IS newly married and a new mom, so the quote was from her article speaking about her new roles.



Now, how this singular quote ended up in Halle’s cover story weeks later….is a mystery. Some folks think someone over at GLAMOUR was being shady, seeing that this came out just a day after new candids of Halle & DDG surfaced showing what looks to be a baby bump. And, well, some publications will do anything for click-clout, right? It also very well could have been a genuine, albeit strange, mistake.

*Cue Beyonce’s voice* Somebody’s getting fiiiireeeed.



As for Halle and her social-media star boyfriend, she is VERY much “My man, My man, My man” about him, chile. And she’s clearly head-over-heels in love. The twosome have been glued at the hip since putting on a united front after DDG faced cheating accusations from his ex, rapper Rubi Rose. Also ever since he dropped a song revealing he’s insecure about her success, which would explain why he made troll-tastic comments publicly about his own girlfriend while she was making history on a world promo tour as the first black Little Mermaid. *rolls eyes* Maybe he’s matured over the past several weeks….



Interestingly, Halle and her big sister Chloe Bailey were recently on Live when Halle was conveniently speaking about wanting to be a mom. Her fans believe she may be warming folks up to the idea of her being with child, something she may or may not confirm soon…


Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com