Chad Ochocinco Claims ASAP Rocky Is His Cousin: ‘Man, We Damn Near Twins’ [Video]

Chad Ochocinco says that A$AP Rocky is his actual cousin — and that’s why they look alike.

Do you see it?

via Complex:

On the latest episode of Nightcap with Unc and Ocho, OchoCinco and Shannon Sharpe were discussing Selena Gomez when the former Cincinnati Bengals player said the singer has a collaboration with his cousin, ASAP Rocky. The collab Ochocinco referred to was Gomez’s 2015 hit “Good For You.”

Ever since Lord Pretty Flacko made his debut in the early 2010s, people have wondered if he was related to the six-time NFL Pro Bowler since they look alike. Neither party has gone deep into their alleged familial relation until now.

When Sharpe heard the news, he refused to believe it and called false on the claim, which had Ochocinco explain how he’s related to Rocky. According to Cinco, his and Rocky’s grandmothers are sisters.

“I’m closer kin to a rottweiler than you are to ASAP Rocky,” said Sharpe. “I’m closer kin to a German shepherd than you and ASAP Rocky. You need to stop this.”

Ochocinco added, “Why every time I say something, you think I’m playing? I’m not joking. He is kin to me. I promise you, I’m not playing. I’m serious.”

Sharpe continued not to believe Cinco even after he claimed he had pictures of himself and Rocky together as children. He then said he’ll let Rocky confirm they’re family so that people can see he’s telling the truth.

Ochocinco said once more, “I’m not playing around though. My grandma and his grandma—they’re sisters. Why do you think we look alike. I just ain’t got no hair. Man, we damn near twins.”

While Ochocinco is claiming they’re related, Rocky has welcomed a new addition to his family with Rihanna. According to TMZ, the stylish couple welcomed their second child together, another baby boy, on August 3 in L.A.

Ochocinco is a big troll — but they do kind of look alike. Do you believe him?


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