VIP Passport: Celebrities and World Leaders on Exclusive Getaways

Consider this, sil vous plait: A vacay where you’re more likely to run into a celebrity than a travel agent office. If you’re weary of the usual tourist traps and want to see the stars in their natural, super luxe habitat, we’ve compiled a list of celestial destinations that offer just that.


This isn’t your typical list of A-list locations. We’re delving into the underbelly of luxurious retreats – the ones celebrities frequent to get away from the glare of paparazzi lenses & everybody’s phone cameras. So take your star chart, adjust your shades, and join us on an adventure that will be everything but average.


1. Staying Classy in San Diego

In San Diego, the sun meets the sea in a dazzling embrace, and amid this picturesque setting, the spirit of Ron Burgundy lives on: “You stay classy San Diego.” This city exudes that timeless elegance while being a magnet for celebrities seeking a nearby refuge from the spotlight. From La Jolla Cove’s mesmerizing sunsets to Gaslamp Quarter’s vibrant energy, stars like Jessica Biel and Nick Jonas find solace here. And stars like Michaela Coel (above) can find some quiet time outside of Comic Con, like Balboa Park’s serene ambience which often hosts Hollywood elites enjoying a leisurely stroll.

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San Diego doesn’t just offer natural beauty; it’s a playground for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you’re watching whales or perfecting your golf swing, indulging in seafood by the water’s edge, imagine raising a glass to the spirit of Ron Burgundy’s suave demeanor. In this city, class and charm reign, offering you the chance to relish a celebrity-infused escape that’s unequivocally San Diego.


2. Sicily: Stars and Ancient Beauty Bonanza



Our first trip is the lovely Italian island of Sicily. This Mediterranean treasure is a favourite among celebrities seeking a balance of history and hedonism. It is known for mob bosses, amazing gabbagool, and jaw-dropping coastline. Rub shoulders with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, who often frequent their sumptuous villa here, and Magic Johnson and fam (above) who pull their megayacht into the city most summers. Book an airport transfer, keep an eye out for Hollywood glitterati while you explore the ancient remains of Agrigento or relax on the sun-soaked beaches of Taormina. Remember, pizza isn’t just a cuisine in Sicily; it’s a way of life.


3. Galle: A Secluded Star Haven in Sri Lanka

Cruising over to the Indian Ocean, we find Galle, a seaside city on Sri Lanka’s southwestern point. This medieval sanctuary is home to a UNESCO-listed fort, cobblestone streets, and a thriving arts scene. Galle, a favourite hideaway of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, offers a distinct blend of colonial beauty and contemporary sophistication. Hire an airport taxi and explore art galleries, eat spicy curries, and don’t be shocked if you hear laughing booming through the streets – it may be the Krasinskis cracking jokes.


4. Kotor: Montenegro’s Elegant Retreat


Kotor, located just on the cusp of the Adriatic Sea’s fjords, is Montenegro’s best-kept secret. Its mediaeval grandeur and breathtaking bay vistas make it a favorite hangout for yacht-owning celebrities.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been photographed strolling around Kotor’s twisting alleyways, demonstrating that even music royalty deserves a little Old World enchantment, every now and then. Remember to lift your glass of rakija high and toast to the stars concealed among medieval stones when you visit Kotor – cheers!


5. Tasmania: Not just the devils here

Do you come from a land Down Under? Where Tasmania shines as a celestial haven away from the mainland’s glare – that’s not how the song goes! From the moss-covered woods of Cradle Mountain (above) to the ethereal beauty of Wineglass Bay, this island provides a retreat for nature-loving celebrities such as Aussie celeb Chris Hemsworth, who enjoys the unspoiled scenery. If you include Hugh Jackman as a companion walker, you may encounter more wallabies than walkers as you explore Tasmania’s raw beauty.


As we conclude our tour by AtoB airport taxi of hidden star-studded hidden spots, keep in mind that, while some lesser-known sites are prized for their celebrity attraction, they also have an inherent beauty that transcends beyond celebrity sightings. These lesser-known places offer a tantalizingly, titillating getaway from the everyday, whether you’re rubbing elbows with the famous or simply savoring the charm and tranquilly.

The term “celebrity” is no longer reserved primarily for Hollywood icons. Influencers, YouTubers, and TikTok superstars share the spotlight in our times, land next up could be the person next door.


Photos: Liam Preece/, Timo Gotz/, Instagram, Getty