Style And Travel Icon Sabrina Ross Reveals Her Top Fall Getaways

Style And Travel Icon Sabrina Ross Reveals Her Top Fall Getaways

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Searching for travel inspiration this fall season? We’ve got you. Travel expert and culture connoisseur Sabrina Ross shares her top three getaways for the fall—whether you’re seeking cozy autumn vibes or want to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of someplace new.

No matter where Ross is headed, there’s one thing she won’t leave home without—Flonase for multi-symptom 24-hour allergy relief. Because nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes are the last thing you want to deal with when you’re on a dream getaway.

The Vibes Are Immaculate

Born and raised in Jamaica, Ross is now a proud New Yorker who has visited about 37 countries thus far. She started traveling fresh out of college, sharing her adventures on Facebook with family and friends before Instagram really took off.

“I was the person who never knew what they wanted to do, I just knew that I wanted to do more,” says Ross, who has been jet-setting around the world for eight years now. “I started out by wanting to learn about other people’s cultures and said I’ll figure it out as I go. And I just never went back.”

Ross has built her brand around vibrant visual storytelling, showcasing her signature aesthetic through gorgeous visuals, coordinated ‘fits and practical travel tips. Her travel blog With Love, Brina, offers a detailed rundown of her most memorable trips. Ross provides helpful tips covering everything from logistics to Instagramable moments and where to stay, eat, drink, and experience the culture.

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Source: Courtesy of Sabrina Ross / Courtesy of Sabrina Ross

Preparing For A Dream Getaway

Ross, whose outfits blend seamlessly against the backdrop of each destination, offers a glimpse into the process of planning her wardrobe ahead of her travels.

“I’ve always been into fashion since I was younger, and I’ve always been into color,” she says. “Most countries have a color scheme, you know? Say you’re going to Aruba, you’re thinking pink, blues, greens. You’re going to Greece, you’re thinking, blue, white,” she illustrates. “Those are the colors that you’re going to bounce off of when you’re planning your outfits. If you do that, it’ll look aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s a simple outfit.”

One thing Ross does not play about is her allergies. She learned early on that her allergy symptoms were no joke and could derail her plans at any moment.

“When I started traveling, and I was changing time zones—going from winter to spring, or vice versa—I would be down. I would be in bed, and it would alter my itinerary that I originally made,” she says. “Stuffy nose, itchiness, and my eyes will get really swollen. The stuffy nose is the worst part only because it’s so hard to breathe. ”

But Flonase changed the game, allowing the travel maven to transition between different climates with ease. “I keep Flonase in my travel kit. As soon as I land and I start to feel the symptoms, I’ll be like, boom.” A quick spritz in the nose and she’s all set.

Sabrina’s Fall Getaways

So let’s get into it. Ross shares her three must-see destinations that are perfect for the fall time.

1. Marrakech, Morocco

We caught up with Ross just days after she returned from a trip to Marrakech. “In the fall, Morocco is actually the perfect weather. It’s in the 70s,” she says. “It’s very culture-immersed, and the food is beautiful.”

Illustrating her time in the historic city, Ross shares exquisite visuals of the gorgeous hotels, spas and other experiences that made her trip special.

This being her second time visiting Marrakech (her last trip was eight years ago), Ross shares a key lesson learned for anyone who is interested in traveling abroad: do your homework. “The second time I went, I was more prepared, and I did way more research,” she shares.

Learning the language made for a more enjoyable experience this time around. “The first time I went, I don’t think I knew any words in Arabic, and that was my fault,” Ross says. “Researching is key, and learning about the country that you’re going to, including their language, is very important. Because the people there will respect you and treat you better when you take the time to learn how to say hello, no thank you, thank you. Just basic things. From now on, I’m going to learn at least 10 phrases before I travel anywhere.”

2. Upstate New York

Number two on the list: The Empire State.

“I gotta put New York in there,” says Ross. “Apple picking, sunflower season, peaches—I stay in New York in the fall. I do all the little activities—apple pies, apple cider, the trees changing. It’s beautiful. And if you’re into hiking, of course, you could go to the Catskills.”

Most people think of the city when New York comes to mind, but there’s a whole world upstate that offers plenty of cozy autumn vibes.

“I’ve done the road trip with the apple picking, the peach picking, and then I’ve done Niagara Falls from the U.S. side,” she says. “That’s a good little road trip that I really liked—driving to Buffalo to do the Falls and stopping along the way for the little viewpoints. It’s such a scenic drive.”

And if you have time to pop down to the city, Ross marks NYC as her top travel destination in the U.S. “This is going to sound biased because I live here, but New York is an amazing place and it has tons of activities for kids, families, teenagers—it’s a place for any age. There’s going to be something here for you to do, there’s going to be something for you to eat, and there’s going to be somewhere for you to go afterward.”

Not only is New York beautiful during the fall season, there is always a reason to visit no matter what time of year it is. “You could come to New York for each season, and you’ll have a different experience,” Ross explains. “So, for the fall, you could come for apple picking. For the spring, you could come for the cherry blossoms. And for the summer you could come for all the summer events that are going on. There’s just always something to do in New York.”

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Third on the list is the historic city of Amsterdam.

“I really like Amsterdam for the fall. It’s super easy to get around. It’s beautiful. The people there are amazing, they have wonderful parks and beautiful museums. It’s an all-around destination that I feel is easy and very chill,” says Ross. “The weather in the fall is also really, really nice. They have all these little boat rides and dinner cruises that you could go on.” The city is famous for its iconic canal system.

On her last trip to Amsterdam during the fall, Ross explored the city by sampling the local food scene, making sure to grab a stroopwafel, a classic Dutch treat featuring two thin waffle cookies encasing a gooey caramel filling.

Also on her itinerary was a canal tour and “a lot of museums.”

Amsterdam is famous for its variety of art museums. Ross recommends the Moco Museum for an immersive experience “if you’re into aesthetics and experiences that you could get involved in.” Currently on view are works by contemporary artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, KAWS and Yayoi Kusama.

Another can’t-miss experience is Madame Tussauds wax museum in the heart of the city. Not only is the experience immersive with plenty of fun photo ops but the museum resides in a beautiful building and national heritage site.

“It has a really good viewpoint of the town,” says Ross. “They have a DJ in there, and they have all these wax figures, so I also think that one’s really fun.”

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Source: Courtesy of Sabrina Ross / Courtesy of Sabrina Ross

Perfect Your Travel Game with Flonase

After nearly a decade of seeing the world’s most scenic destinations, Ross has perfected her travel game. And as a certified allergy sufferer, she doesn’t have time to miss out on her carefully planned adventures due to nasal congestion and itchy eyes.

Flonase made travel real easy because, honestly, travel is money. It’s a lot of money, so you do not have the time to have any kind of symptoms that are going to stop you from living your best life,” she says. “Having Flonase on you to stop allergy symptoms even before they start is probably the best thing invented, honestly.”

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