Steve & Marjorie Harvey Respond To Viral Rumors Alleging Marjorie Cheated With Their Chef & Is Filing For Divorce

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are laughing in the face of some rumors about their marriage.  While an unfounded rumor alleging Marjorie cheated with the house staff made its rounds, both of them have something to say about it.  Deets inside.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey are celebrating their 16th year of marriage, so they’re definitely not about to let some pesky rumors interrupt their annoyingly perfect union. 

Last week, rumors swirled – from an unfounded source –  that Marjorie and the couple’s chef have been having an affair, and she was prepping to file for divorce from the comedian.


Now we ALL know, Marjorie is not messing up that BIG Steve Harvey bag that keeps her in head-to-toe designer, every country’s Fashion Week and infinite world trips for a house staffer. Falynn Piña she is not.  So it’s surprising the twosome even gave this rumor any air.

While speaking at Invest Fest in Atlanta on Sunday, Steve stopped his hosting duties to make a little PSA for the crowd.  Check it:



Steve said he and Marjorie are just fine and people need to find a new hobby. 


Then, Marjorie took to her Instagram page to hit the people with a bible verse abouthow to handle being lied on.  She said play with Jesus, not with her and her man.

We know that’s right!

It’s interesting – these rumors came just a week or so after Marjorie’s first ex-husband, drug king pin Jim Townsend, commented about the Harvey’s relationship.


He said they remained in contact until Marjorie married Steve, and during her second marriage to Lori Harvey’s father.


Photos: Instagram