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“Games of Thrones” is an HBO series based on the work of George R.R. Martin. It spans eight seasons over a period from 2011 to 2019. Many were amazed by the intriguing storyline, characters, and outstanding production value. With each season, most fans were left with questions about where “Games of Thrones”  was filmed. For some, their curiosity led them to watch “behind the scenes” episodes to see which were actual locations and which were filmed in studios. Although the storyline line might have been fictional, and some scenes were shot in the Paint Hall Studios in Belfast, most destinations were not.

Read on to see where “A Song of Ice and Fire” adapted series was shot.

North Ireland ‘Games Of Thrones’  Filming Location

North Ireland is where it all started and where most formed a connection with the Stark Family. This location has some outstanding locations where the “Games of Thrones” was filmed.

Castle Ward

Castle Ward was the home to the house of Starks, the Winterfell Castle. The castle is famous for its distinct architecture and historical gardens. Although this was only part of the filming location for the Starks home, other episodes were filmed in Doune Castle in Scotland.

Tollymore Forest Park

Remember the dire wolves in the first season, “Winter is Coming,” who were rescued and adopted by the Stark boys? The scene was filmed in the Tollymore Forest. The forest is also featured where the rangers of the Night’s Watch discovered bodies in the snow. It has very tall trees, spanning 1500 acres at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, and is a calming place for hiking, camping, and great pictures.

Glens Of Antrim

If you watched “Games of Thrones,” one scene no one forgets is when Lady Melisandre gave birth to a frightening shadow in the second season. The scene was shot in the Cushendun caves in the Glen of Antrim, over 400 million years old. It will be a place for breathtaking exploration if you are not afraid of caves. With the weather-worn rocks here, you must carry shoes with a good grip.

The Great Grass Sea is also in Glens on Antrin, filmed as the Dothraki Sea. It is an extensive grassland with grass that can grow up to 2 meters high with river valleys and low-lying plains.

The Dark Hedges

These are a must-visit in North Ireland, where the trees intertwine to create a romantic tunnel and are one of the most photographed natural phenomena. In the series, this was the filming location of the King’s Road by which Arya Stark escaped the King’s Landing disguised as a boy. Walking beneath these trees is a breathtaking and picture-worthy region.

Fort Manoel, Malta

Eddard Stark, the man we all fell in love with in the series, was executed at Fort Manoel, Malta. It is a big star-shaped limestone fort built in the 18th century on Malta’s shores. The series may have been fictional, but for a “Game of Thrones” fan, visiting this place would bring a new connection to the characters.

Iceland Filming Locations

The region was the filming space for the vast frozen lava fields.


Kirkjufell is one of the most photographed and famous mountain peaks. Described as the arrowhead mountain, this is where the children of the forest created the first white walker and where Daenerys and her dragons saved people from the Night King. The peak is green in warm weather, while it is covered by snow in winter. For a visit, you can quickly drive there and enjoy the scenic mountain in any of the seasons of your choice.

Vatnajökull National Park

Vatnajökull National Park is the primary shooting location for the White Walkers home. In the series, the White Walkers are located beyond the North Wall and covered in frozen lakes, icy lavas, and snow-filled craters. The area offers majestic landscapes and a protected wilderness.


Grjótagjá, a small cave near Lake Mývatn, is the setting for the famous and steamy scene between the bastard Jon Snow and Ygritte. The geothermal spring, a result of lava flows nearby, is a great destination for adventure lovers. A rocky walking trail leads to the cave area. The warmer weather months make for a great time to do a hike, as fog in cooler months may make finding the cave a challenging task.

Croatia Locations

Croatia is home to where some of the “Games of Thrones”  scenes were filmed, such as:

Old Town Dubrovnik

Visiting this town is one of the best things to do in Croatia, and it is famous for depicting King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the second season. Here you can visit the Jesuit staircase and the St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, where Cersei’s “walk of shame” was filmed. The Pile gate entrance appeared in several seasons where Kind Joffrey was attacked. You can also visit the St. Lawrence Fortress, where the Battle of Black Water occurred. The naming ceremony of King Joffrey was also filmed here.

Fort Bokar forms part of the city walls, and Gradac Park is next to the town where King Joffrey died during a wedding feast. Outside the Old Town is the Pile Harbor, a small fishing harbor that is a perfect picnic spot. With water splashing from the ocean, you may need a rain jacket. The harbor is also where Cersei bids Princess Myrcella goodbye and awaits her return.

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian is the country’s second-largest city, a 3-hour drive from Dubrovnik. Diocletian’s palace is where Daenerys trained her dragons. The palace was built in the 14th century by the Roman Empire and is listed in UNESCO.

Sibenik Town

Sibenik is on the Adriatic coast, famous for its architecture and history. It is home to the St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site. The town is the filming site for Arya Stark’s “Faceless Man” training.

Where Was ‘Games of Thrones’  Filmed In Spain?

Spain was also one of the top destinations where “Games of Thrones”  was filmed. Some of the historic regions include:

Córdoba, Spain

Castillo Almodovar del Rio was featured in season seven of GOT as the only place free of the Lannisters. Its outstanding architecture and structures are picture worthy, and a fantastic exploration site. Remember to visit the Roman bridge constructed during the first century while you are there. It stretches across the Guadalquivir River and is featured in season five.


Remember the Water Palace of Dorne? This palace was built in the 14th century and filled with lush gardens, a tranquil pool, and hedge-lined walkways. Visiting the palace will make you feel like royalty, and everything about the palace is natural.

Itzurun Beach

Itzurun Beach is the filming location for season seven, where Daenerys Targaryen is returning to her homeland to reclaim the Westeros throne. Recreate the dramatic walk for your Instagram reels and get a tan from sunbathing in the Spain sunshine.

Morocco Locations

The country was also part of the filming sites for “Games of Thrones,” with scenes such as:

Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou was named a historic city by UNESCO and served as a filming site for Yunkai, which Daenerys visited when she was in Slaver’s Bay. The city has winding walkways through the red brick walls with traditional handicrafts. It is an attraction that shows the old settlements and relates to the series’ culture.


Essaouira is a port city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. If you love surfing or lying on pristine beaches, you will enjoy visiting here. One thing to note is that it is off the Morocco tourist visit circuit. It served as the filming location for where Daenerys rode her dragons.

Why Visit ‘Game Of Thrones’ Filming Locations?

“Games of Thrones”  locations are breathtaking in real life. Although most of the recurring sets were shot in Paint Hall studio, such as the Iron Throne, there are many places to explore where the series was shot. Take some time to make memories by creating that album with photos of you on the “Games of Thrones”  filming sites and the scenes in the series.