Drake and 21 Savage Troll Anna Wintour With Unflattering AI-Generated Video During Tour Stop [Video]

Drake and 21 Savage appear to be trolling Anna Wintour over last year’s lawsuit involving the two rappers and Vogue’s publisher.

via: Uproxx

It’s All A Blur Tour has several questionable visual aid choices. Some of these are holograms. One of the most discussed images included a swimming giant sperm and a young Drake lookalike that Drake himself interacts with during the show. Attendees of the latest tour stop just spotted one creepy new addition to the collection: an Anna Wintour -inspired hologram.

Fans took to TikTok to share clips of the onscreen projection, jokingly calling out the entertainers for being petty about their feud with American Vogue‘s editor-in-chief. Although neither of the musicians has outrightly said that the hologram is pulled from Wintour’s likeness, the precise bob cut and bang combo, along with the conspicuous black designer sunglasses, leave little room for guessing.



? original sound – Jess | Dallas Content Creator

@mookthahustla I think i was the only one who know who that was ??? #annewintour #drakeconcert #itsallablurtour #drizzy #detroitt ? original sound – ?marE

The pair’s supposed legal settlement with Vogue‘s publisher Condé Nast furthers attendees’ speculation. The company initially sued Drake and 21 Savage for trademark infringement after the duo’s marketing teams released a fake Vogue cover to promote their album, Her Loss, in late 2022. Although Vogue wasn’t the only media company’s branding to be included in the project’s rollout, it appears Condé Nast was the only one to take legal action.

Meanwhile, NPR Music was flattered by the pair using their Tiny Desk Concert series set-up for a phony promotional video. The social media team for the series even invited Drake and 21 Savage actually to film an episode.

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