Life At Sea Three-Year Cruise Is Set To Sail This November – Travel Noire

The allure of a never-ending voyage, a perpetual search for an eternal summer, seemed like a travel enthusiast’s fantasy. When Life at Sea Cruises unveiled its ambitious plan for a 36-month cruise in March, featuring cabins starting at $29,999 per person per year with all-inclusive amenities, eager adventurers flocked to secure their spots aboard this extraordinary journey.

However, what initially appeared as a dream come true quickly transformed into a nightmarish scenario in May. Then the project unexpectedly fell short as a portion of the team abruptly departed the company amidst apparent disagreements concerning the ship itself. This unexpected turn led to a wave of passengers withdrawing from the enterprise, casting doubt on the project’s future.

interior room view of Life At Sea cruise ship
Photo credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Life At Sea Finds Its Way

Remarkably, it now seems that the tides have turned, and the project is back on track with a grander vessel confirmed for the three-year odyssey. The anticipated launch date remains unchanged, November 1, 2023.

Life at Sea Cruises has now transitioned to full ownership and operation under the capable hands of Miray Cruises, a company boasting three decades of experience navigating the Aegean seas. Miray has been involved as the cruise partner since the project’s inception.

Originally, the MV Gemini, a vessel belonging to Miray, had been designated for the March cruise—an aspect that became central to the breakdown in relations between Miray and certain members of the former Life at Sea executive team. Around 22 team members, including the Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Sales and Marketing, chose to disassociate themselves from the project, as confirmed by Mikael Petterson, the former Managing Director, during an interview with CNN.

Irina Strembitsky, the Sales and Marketing Director, went even further, alleging that an engineer had declared the ship “unseaworthy” and expressed doubts about its ability to withstand a three-year journey. These allegations have since become the core of a defamation case filed by Miray.

deck furniture on a cruise ship
Photo credit: Life at Sea Cruises

Competing Venture In The Works

According to legitimate sources, all 22 departing members have now converged on a competing venture known as Villa Vie Residences. Villa Vie aspires to embark on a world cruise, circumnavigating the globe every three and a half years, as per the information available on its website.

While webinars have been organized to entice potential clients, specifics regarding the chosen vessel and pricing have yet to be divulged. Petterson shared with CNN that his team aims to commence bookings from August onward.

As the saga continues, both Life at Sea Cruises, under its new ownership, and Villa Vie Residences strive to redefine the landscape of extraordinary travel experiences. With resilience and determination, they navigate the challenges of realizing their vision, aiming to captivate the hearts and wanderlust of adventure seekers worldwide.