Young Buck Brawls With Afroman’s Crew At Virginia Concert [Video]

Young Buck got into a crazy fight with Afroman’s crew and it was all caught on video.

via: HotNewHipHop

Things got ugly at The Zarati Shop in Abingdon, Virginia last weekend. The small town of 8400 people, which sits 14 miles from the Tennessee border, was playing host to some surprisingly big names. Afroman was one of the listed headliners for a performance at The Zarati Shop, a local “agricultural services” store. Let’s just say that their products align with Afroman’s favorite pastimes. Also performing was Young Buck, who was listed as a “special guest” on the official poster for the June 25 show.

However, things took a turn for the worse after Young Buck’s set. The rapper returned to the VIP area, where Afroman was preparing to head on stage. According to Afroman’s account of things, Young Buck was intoxicated and belligerent. Furthermore, a lot of Buck’s negative energy was directed at Afroman’s protégé, Lil Sodi. While Afroman and Sodi attempt to get Buck to leave, the 42-year-old. That’s when all hell reportedly broke lose.

Per Afroman, and a video acquired by TMZ, things escalated when Buck hit Sodi in the gut. The room descended into chaos as both crews began to fight. Security quickly swarmed into the room, trying to separate the two sides. However, this took several minutes as both sides tried to come out on top. Buck and his crew were eventually removed from the venue. However, Afroman still came down hard on the venue staff, suggesting they had neglected their duties of talent management.

Despite taking the L on the night, Buck does not appear to be backing down. The Nashville rapper took to Instagram to put Afroman on notice: “LISTEN @OGAFROMAN I TAKE ALL FADES THUG… WIT U OR YA N****S. Y’ALL N****S TRY TO JUMP ME THO I CAME TO SHOW LOVE. N***A THIS #CASHVILLE FIRST… AND ALWAYS NH60!!! THEY SHOULD OF TOLD U I GOT HANDS THUG!!. COME SEE WHAT SHIT DO.” Afroman responded with a peace treaty and well wishes.

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