YK Osiris Throws Himself On Sukihana, Faces Sexual Assault Condemnations [Video]

YK Osiris and Sukihana are trending on Twitter today (June 14) over a video that has led to a lot of backlash for Osiris.

via: HipHopDX

The clip, which began circulating on social media on Tuesday (June 13), shows the “Worth It” rapper forcing a kiss with the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star while she commentated on the Crew League basketball tournament in Atlanta this past weekend.

Osiris can be seen stood behind Sukihana, who was sat next to co-commentators Lil Duval, Funny Marco and Buster Scher, and giving her a shoulder rub before he leans in, lifts her head back and tries kissing her.

A shocked Sukihana moves her head away and screams out, “Stop it!” while Duval appears to dare Osiris to “tongue kiss her.”

After Sukihana sits back up with a shocked look on her face, Osiris clasps her chin and tries again to kiss her, prompting more uncomfortable screams from the rapper/reality TV star.

Osiris, who can be seen smiling and laughing throughout, eventually gives up and walks away while laughing hysterically.

As the footage made the rounds online, YK Osiris came under heavy fire for his behaviour, with many accusing him of sexually assaulting Sukihana.

“Ykosiris need to go to jail since when sexual assault funny y’all n-ggas weird,” one person tweeted, while another wrote: “I hope ykosiris get the absolute worst ass whooping of his life and charges pressed against him. Such a disgusting MF truly.”

“I just watched YK Osiris go full predator on a video that’s currently going viral. I didn’t want to repost the video for obvious reasons, but I’m uncomfortable after seeing that. Bro needs consequences. Let me be clear. An ass whooping is in order,” said another upset fan.

Sukihana’s co-commentators also caught flak for failing to step in and stop Osiris — and in Duval’s case, egging him on.

“YUCK! besides @ykOsiris performing the actual abuse, @lilduval daring him to tongue kiss her then turning a blind eye is so disgusting. Stop giving these men platforms to abuse black women,” one viewer wrote.

Another vented: “One is openly sexually assaulting her, the two sitting beside are looking stuck on stupid instead of checking YK Osiris creepy rapist ass, and the n-ggas in the background just watching. I hate y’all for this.”

Many fans also defended Sukihana and argued that her sexually-charged music and persona aren’t license for people to sexually assault her, with one writing: “Her being comfortable with her sexuality doesn’t mean you get to disrespect/sexually intimidate/assault (ykosiris) her. Y’all be weird.”

Neither YK Osiris nor Sukihana have responded to the video as of yet.

This isn’t the first time the Jacksonville, Florida native has been accused of inappropriate behavior towards the opposite sex. In 2019, he was arrested for aggravated assault by strangulation after allegedly choking and biting his girlfriend at his 21st birthday party in Atlanta.

The charges were eventually dropped after prosecutors decided not to move forward with the case, despite Atlanta police having probable cause to arrest the Def Jam signee.

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