Lizzo Asks ‘What’s After 7?’ and Kevon Edmonds Delivers with Impressive Vocals, But Fans Can’t Get Over His Hair

Kevon Edmonds, the R&B singer best known as a member of the group After 7 and Babyface’s brother, has impressed fans with his vocal skills in a new video that’s sparked viral moment after Lizzo’s Met Gala post. Keep reading to find out more about this viral moment and the reactions of fans all over social media.

It seems that Kevon Edmonds, member of the R&B group After 7 and brother of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, is back in the spotlight after showing off his impressive vocals in a recent video. Fans were more than thrilled when he decided to showcase his skills after Lizzo’s recent Instagram post.

Lizzo shared a photo of herself wearing a black Chanel gown she wore to the Met Gala earlier this week, along with the caption “What’s after 7?” The answer is “eight,” which was a play on the word “ate,” which means her outfit was fire.

Kevon took it as a chance to showcase his talents and serenade the Grammy-winning artist with a beautiful a cappella rendition of After 7’s hit song “Ready or Not.”

“I’m sorry, Lizzo. Did you say, ‘What’s after 7?'” before singing After 7’s classic slow jam “Ready or Not.”

He captioned the post on Instagram, “@lizzo This is After 7. Love you, have an amazing time at the #metgala.” At the end of the video, he proclaimed, “Now that is After 7.”

Check it:

We posted the clip to Instagram, and our comments section blew up with responses from readers who couldn’t stop raving about Kevon’s impressive vocal skills.

“Goodness, that man still sounds marvelous!! Sounds so good it made me ignore that 27 piece on top of his head!,” one person wrote.

“His voice is amazing… but somebody tell him that’s not what @lizzobeeating meant!!!,” another fan commented.

“That entire family…. IS NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH!!!!!!,” another person commented.

While most fans were focused on Kevon’s incredible vocals, some couldn’t help but comment on his unusual hairdo.

One reader jokingly said, “All crochet hair aside, Kevon still got the vocals! Out here still sounding like 1996 in 2023 is a blessing.”

“Goodness, that man still sounds marvelous!! Sounds so good it made me ignore that 27 piece on top of his head!,” said another.

“That hair giving after 6:45,” a reader reacted.

“This Otis Williams ‘Mama tell him it don’t wash out’ hair is sending me but Kevon’s voice is one of a kind!!!,” another person said.

Y’all are a mess.

Relive the past by taking a trip down memory lane and watching the “Ready or Not” video below:

Photo: Instagram