KISS’ Paul Stanley Enrages Fans After Calling Sex Reassignment For Kids A ‘Sad And Dangerous Fad’ [Photo]

Paul Stanley says we’re confusing our kids by teaching them about gender identity and sexuality at too young of an age — which he thinks is dangerous, and not to be trifled with.

via: AceShowbiz

The rocker shared his thoughts in an unprompted statement posted on his social media accounts on Sunday, April 30. “There is a BIG difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification as though some sort of game and then parents in some cases allow it,” he began.

The 71-year-old explained, “There ARE individuals who as adults may decide reassignment is their needed choice but turning this into a game or parents normalizing it as some sort of natural alternative or believing that because a little boy likes to play dress up in his sister’s clothes or a girl in her brother’s, we should lead them steps further down a path that’s far from the innocence of what they are doing.”

“With many children who have no real sense of sexuality or sexual experiences caught up in the ‘fun’ of using pronouns and saying what they identify as, some adults mistakenly confuse teaching acceptance with normalizing and encouraging a situation that has been a struggle for those truly affected and have turned it into a sad and dangerous fad,” he concluded his statement.

Responding to Paul’s statement, The Offspring’s guitarist Kevin Wasserman a.k.a. Noodles wrote on Twitter, “This is a very disappointing take, especially from someone who wore high-heels, makeup, & teased up hair his whole career. As a young kid your band helped teach me that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I guess it was just gimmickry after all. #thatsashame.”

A follower wrote on Instagram, “Paul, I’m a lifelong fan. We’ve met a few times. I know you’ve got a big heart and I’m not sure you’ll even read this but worth a shot. Please reconsider this statement and consult with some trans people of any age and some parents of trans kids. Your statement not only comes off as transphobic and out of touch.”

Another disappointed fan commented, “I don’t think you should be posting this here unless you e (sic) actually met with the children, parents, and doctors. So tired of people talking about this issue that have no personal connection to these children. I’m unfollowing. So sad. Coming from a guy who made millions wearing makeup and high heels.”

“Normalization is not encouraging or confusing children,” someone else disagreed with Paul. “Normalization is allowing people to live happily and freely without fear. Gender dysphoria isn’t fun.”

There were a few who defended the guitarist though. One of them, who identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community, backed Paul’s opinion as saying, “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as a KISS fan from the 70s, I couldn’t agree more. Perfectly said!” Another added, “Finally someone says what I’ve been thinking! Playing dress up as a kid is normal! Kids are having fun & don’t judge, adults on the other hand….”

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