Ray J Gets Soulja Boy Treatment, Women Choose Cheesesteak Over Dinner With Him [Video]

Ray J has been the butt of many jokes over the years, and a new viral video pitting the singer against a particular fatty cuisine appears to be continuing this trend.

via: Vibe

On Tuesday (April 25), New Jersey-based platform 856 Entertainment posted a video of their host asking random women on the street about their choice.

“Who the f**k is Ray J?” asked one woman. Another woman replied, “One Philly cheesesteak — I’m sorry, f**k Ray J!” Many of the answers were similar as almost every woman shown in the video would take the sandwich — which is way cheaper than a dinner Ray J could offer. “Bi**h, gimme a cheesesteak!” said a third woman.

When asked why they would choose a cheesesteak over the Raycon founder, one participant responded, “Because he’s ugly.” Ray J has yet to respond to the video.

Soulja Boy received the same treatment when women were asked by the same platform if they’d take food stamps or a night out with the “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” legend. Many of the New Jersey women chose the government assistance.

Soulja Boy went on a rant about people choosing $250 worth of food stamps over a dinner with him, following the questionnaire. The rapper who deems himself “first” to do almost everything, called the participants in the video, “broke” and said that they’d, “never make it out the hood.”

“Suck my d*ck. Ya’ll ain’t ever gonna make it out the hood,” he started his rant. “Y’all ni**as gon’ die broke. I wouldn’t have dinner with y’all pu**y AIDS-infested h*es anyway. I would not have dinner with no broke a** bi**h from New Jersey anyway. I would not have dinner with no crackhead looking h*es anyway.”

He added, “Bi**hes could not be in the same room with me. Ya’ll ni**as gon’ die in the hood, gon’ die broke, and gon’ never touch a million dollars. Never gon’ touch 30 million, ya’ll ain’t never gon’ touch 100K in a day, you gon’ die broke, you lived your whole life broke, bi**h. You ain’t gon’ never be sh*t.”

Soulja Boy tried to apologize to his fans after the rant, but the moment quickly turned into him threatening to shoot up New Jersey after someone claimed he was banned from the state.

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