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*Webbies, lock in into today’s Social Heat. TV host Steve Harvey spoke to Shannon Sharpe on his YouTube web series “Club Shay Shay” about the 2015 ‘Miss Universe‘ pageant debacle. Harvey revealed a woman who worked for Donald Trump, who co-owns the franchise with NBC, disagreed with how the winners were planned to be announced and switched the cards. So when Steve announced the winner, he followed the teleprompter and producer; however, the name he declared the winner needed to be corrected. Once he went backstage, a staff member told him he had read the wrong name, and the comedian decided he would correct the mishap on the spot. “Stupidest sh*t I ever did!” Steve divulged to Shannon Sharpe. “I should’ve let them fix it in the news. My stupid a** walked right out there and took the full hit, man. I took it dead in the teeth … like it was all my fault, but it wasn’t.” We’ve learned never to be the fall guy/gal for any organization because they will quickly hang you out to dry.

Young Thug filed an updated motion requesting a bond. Miles Farley, a murder suspect in the YSL trial, received a $650k bond after his case was removed from the YSL RICO court case. Farley is charged with two counts of criminal street gang activity and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Comedian Lunell is now a homeowner and posted a video showing her new spacious crib. She captioned the video with an enthusiastic post, “Owenership! I got a POOL Y’all HUGE Thank yous gotta go out to my GIRL Denise Oliver who was my SoulBeat Real Estate plug. I told you that I would get a house from you one day. I told you that 25 years ago and we did it today! Thank you to my Nephew who Sold me the house, @mankusb We both held each OTHER down n this Sweetheart deal and ohhhhhhh what a gift you have given me. I thank my Financial Advisor @zinnia34 for all the behind the scenes money moving and paperwork you had to deal with. You kno you r Familia, Si? Believe it ir not. I must Also thank @jimmykimmellive and everybody at the @kimmelscomedyclub for giving me the job that promoted this Epic idea and purchase. Who knew…Well, that’s enough for now. I will be celebrating tonight at my 7:30 show here in Las Vegas so lemme get n this tubpew, Pew, PEWIt’s TRULY a dream come True.” We love to see it build up your generational wealth, sis!

Two women loudly played Caribbean music while on a plane and noticed other passengers covering their ears. Folks in the comment section felt the ladies’ behavior was uncouth and lacked respect for the other passengers, while others defended them and said they were only enjoying life. Do you agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments.

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