Ice Spice: Her Real Name Is An Instagram Violation

Ice Spice (Photo: Johnny Nunez, Getty Images)

*Rapper Ice Spice says that Instagram removed one of her recent posts because she mentioned her real name, which appears to be in violation of the platform’s “violence” rules.

The 23-year-old, born Isis Gaston, has amassed nearly 7 million Instagram followers thanks to viral adulation over the past year, including collaborations with Nicki Minaj and PinkPantheress. But when she tried to use her real first name in a recent Instagram post, it was removed for violating the platform’s guidelines on “violence or dangerous organizations.”

She screenshot the rejection and shared it in a post, which itself was a screenshot from a music video that was captioned, “Ayo Isis.” On top of the original rejected post, Ice Spice wrote: “Can’t type my name is ODE.”

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Instagram removes Ice Spice's post over use of her real name Isis Gaston
Instagram removes Ice Spice’s post over use of her real name Isis Gaston

The powers that be at Instagram (or its AI) apparently flagged “Ayo Isis” as a call to the Islamic extremist group, not the ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped from England to Afghanistan.

One fan responded on Twitter: “Isis is a literal Egyptian goddess, a woman’s name, and a nickname for the Thames river, but every mention is somehow linked to the terrorist organization?!?! Let the woman post her name omg.”

Another said: “The fact IG thought she was calling on ISIS is hilarious.”

Someone else asked: “Do they want her to be renamed now? Have the t*rr*r organization trademarked it?”

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