John Boyega BLASTED By IG Influencer Pam MacB For Allegedly Cheating On And Dehumanizing Her

John Boyega has been put on blast by an Instagram influencer named Pam Macb. She hopped on social media with claims that the British star cheated on her, lied on her, and he dehumanized her. Find out all she said inside…

While the rumor mill is swirling that John Boyega will join the untitled Jedi Order Star Wars movie, it’s also buzzing with cheating allegations!

John Boyega has been trending on Twitter after he got called out by Instagram influencer Pam MacB (@pammacb). She made it clear who she was speaking to by tagging the British actor at the beginning of her rant on IG Stories.

”You don’t get to have the last mf word @johnboyega,” she wrote.

Rumors that John and Pam were hooking up began in February 2022 after he posted her on his IG Stories.



She then went on to talk about how he did her wrong by cheating on her! Not only that, she claims he was talking trash about her and dehumanizing her behind her back.

“Shoutout to one blog and TEQUILA because if I hadn’t had a drunken moment and if they hadn’t been in my business, I would have never known that the man I admired and was dating for a while had a whole other person in his life and had us playing one in one out AND pretending to be disgusted and angry at the things people say about me. Now I know why he never defended me knowing full well I’m NONE of the things you all call me”

“YOU USED TO SIT IN MY FACE AND SAY YOU HATED THAT PEOPLE BULLY ME AND THEY LIE ABOUT ME COS THEY DON’T KNOW ME!! It was because you were lying to the other person in the picture and telling her I was those thing so she wouldn’t worry about me. Totally dehumanized me for what??”



She continued:

“At this point please feel free to use those evil words you people use towards me. Go crazy. Knowing that someone I trusted, I shared a bed with, cooked for, cleaned, was kind to for months on end can lieeeeee and do the same is the penultimate torture.”

”Idc idc let me unravel. The deceit is UNBELIEVABLE. Keeping a lie going since May 2021 is BOLD. BOLD.”

“Ninjas will use the mouth they scrub and moisturize with the La Mer products you gave them to lie on you. CRAZY.”

Later, Pam shared videos of herself “drinking the pain” away after getting her heart broken:



Social media was sent into a frenzy by Pam’s remarks. Users hurried to the internet to share their views on the rumored scandal. John Boyega’s alleged cheating and even his dating someone came as a surprise to many fans. The majority of users expressed their disappointment and shock at the actor’s supposed actions.

Peep reactions below:















John Boyega hasn’t responded to the drama, but what are your thoughts?

Photo: Fred Duval/Shutterstock/Instagram