Jamie Foxx Still Hospitalized As Doctors Conduct Tests To Determine Cause Of Health Issue, Jamie’s Body Double Joins Set To Film ‘Back In Action’

Doctors are conducting tests to determine what’s going on with Jamie Foxx, who is still hospitalized at an Atlanta medical facility. In his absence, the actor’s body double has been seen standing in for scenes during production of his new film, Back In Action, starring Cameron Diaz. The latest inside…

Folks are still keeping Jamie Foxx in their prayers as he’s still hospitalized following a “medical complication.”

The A-lister is still in the hospital nearly a week after he “experienced a medical complication” that forced him to halt filming on his upcoming film, Back In Action. And now, according to insiders, the 55-year-old is still undergoing tests as doctors try to determine what exactly caused the issue.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ that Jamie’s condition remains under close observation. In fact, just a few days ago, another insider revealed that medical professionals were still scrambling to figure out what happened to the Django Unchained actor. It’s still unclear. Since the Ray star was hospitalized for an undisclosed “medical complication” last week, production has been using a body double.

Cameron Diaz returned to the set of Back In Action on Monday to continue filming alongside Jamie Foxx’s body double.

The Charlie’s Angels star was photographed hugging co-star McKenna Roberts while dressed casually in sweats and glasses.

In other photos, Cameron, 50, McKenna, and the body double exited what appeared to be a nightclub called The Level with concerned expressions on their faces (above).

A day before he was hospitalized…



The Dreamgirls star was spotted on the set of the film with his co-star Cameron Diaz.

Despite the scandal that has plagued the movie production, Jamie was seen looking active and healthy last Monday, surrounded by a group of young girls dressed in soccer uniforms. The star was captured on a soccer field, donning a red Nike jacket, black pants, and a whistle around his neck, all in character for his upcoming role.

Sources close to the situation told Page Six he appeared to be in good spirits while the cameras rolled, leaving many to wonder what could have happened to cause the sudden medical complication that led to his hospitalization just one day later.

Corinne Foxx, Jamie’s daughter and “Beat Shazam” co-host, said in a social media statement that he was on the mend.

“Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery,” she wrote.

NBA stars Lebron James and Trae Young post messages asking for people to continue praying for Jamie.

As Jamie Foxx continues to undergo medical tests in a facility in Atlanta, fans and well-wishers around the world are praying for his speedy recovery. The actor’s recent hospitalization has left many concerned, especially after he was seen looking healthy and active on the set of his upcoming movie just one day prior.

While the cause of Jamie’s medical complication remains unknown, we hope that he receives the best possible care and support from his loved ones during this difficult time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jamie Foxx as he bravely battles through his health struggles.



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