Kevin Hunter – Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband – Threatens To Sue YouTuber Tasha K Over Resurfaced Allegations That He Was Sexually Involved With Male Singer

Kevin Hunter has lawyered up after YouTuber Tasha K recently shared clips from a 2019 interview where singer Aveon Falstar made allegations that he was in a sexual relationship with the former TV producer/manager. Wendy Williams’ ex-husband says he’s gearing up for a defamation lawsuit against Tasha! Details inside…

Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, has vehemently denied allegations made by singer Aveon Falstar. And now, he’s lawyered up!

The 50-year-old revealed his plan to file a lawsuit for defamation against YouTuber Tasha K for sharing clips from a 2019 interview with Aveon, who accused him of being abusive during their alleged affair.

The allegations resurfaced after Tasha K reposted an old interview with the singer on her “Unwine With Tasha K” YouTube channel. In the interview, Aveon accused Kevin (real name Kelvin Hunter) of being in a sexually abusive relationship with him, claiming that Kevin raped him at 3 o’clock in the morning.

“It wasn’t just a sexual relationship. It was much more of an abusive relationship…It was much more of a put me down and keep me as your boy toy relationship. We did [have sex] … He came over and practically raped me at 3 o’clock in the morning,” Aveon said in the interview.

Check out the clips from the 2019 interview (which were reposted last week) below:



You can watch the full interview here

In a statement to The U.S. Sun, Kevin made it clear that he is a straight “alpha male,” and the allegations are false.

”I am preparing for a defamation lawsuit. Anybody that knows me, and this is no disrespect to LGBTQ community, they know where I’m at with it…I am a straight alpha male,” Kevin told the publication. “I am preparing my legal team, because three years later, she wants to unearth something that is inaccurate because why, it’s a slow Friday?”

The former TV producer also took to social media to drag Tasha K.

“I guess this horse face baboon is not getting plugged right by her own dude and it’s a slow news day on Good Friday,” he wrote on IG Stories. “This dude already tried to apologize profusely for his idiot a** capping actions after I tried to make him a artist and you haven’t learned since Cardi burned your corroded cockroach a** but you kno what nuff is ENOUGH…dust off that legal team … IM COMING!”

Kevin was developing Aveon as an artist, but their business relationship went sour. He believes that the allegations are part of a scheme by Aveon to extort money from him.

“At the time of the interview, everyone was trying to discredit my character, and Falstar has since said he’s sorry,” Kevin said.

When the interview was first released, Kevin didn’t respond, but a legal representative for Kevin told Page Six that the claims weren’t true.

“The claims levied by Mr. Aveon Williams against Mr. Kevin Hunter are baseless and are completely false,” the legal rep said. “Mr. Williams’ actions are a part of an elaborate scheme to extort money from Mr. Hunter and is nothing more than an attempt to shake him down for financial gain. This office did not offer to settle this matter for any amount nor did we counter their offer as, in accordance with our own independent investigation of these claims, we determined that Mr. Williams’ claims were without merit and we will not allow our client to be extorted by Mr. Williams,” the attorney said.

Tasha K doesn’t need a new lawsuit. The famed YouTuber was sued by Cardi B in 2019 for defamation. After being rejected in her appeal of Cardi B’s $4 million defamation lawsuit against her, Tasha K apologized to the rapper. A judge rejected the blogger and YouTuber’s bid to reverse the ruling handed down to the rap star in January 2021.

The Grammy Award winner was offered an olive branch by the 41-year-old YouTuber after she expressed her resolve in the face of the setback. She thanked her fans for their support.

“But I’m gonna be alright. I appreciate all your love [and] support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag. What happened will never happen again. To Cardi [and] her team, I apologize sincere. We live and learn.”


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