Bag Secured: Billionaire David Geffen’s New ‘Husband’ Is a Former Go-Go Dancer with an Allegedly Shady Past

Billionaire David Geffen’s new “husband” is a former go-go dancer with a slightly shady past who has allegedly changed his name a number of times.

via NY Post:

While 80-year-old Geffen — worth $7.7 billion — can usually be found on his mega-yacht or one of his palatial homes around the world, one-time model Donovan Michaels, 30, is more used to picking up odd jobs in New York and Miami, former pals tell The Post.

Born David Armstrong in Michigan, he started going by Brandon Foster around the time he moved to Florida in 2014 and began dancing and promoting parties at Miami’s gay clubs including “clothing optional” pool parties “along with plenty of other hot sexy guys.”

On a social media account from the time he frequently flaunted his toned physique in raunchy photos and in post from September 2014 said he was “doing a little camming tonight,” adding he would “put on a good show” for anyone who would pay to access his footage.

Michaels left Florida around 2016 or 2017 for the New York City modeling scene, around which time he also adopted his current name.

A former girlfriend who asked not to be identified said she only knew Michaels to date women.

The ex said Michaels was the type to always jump head-first into any adventure, and wasn’t shocked by news of his nuptials.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, he’s very attractive,” she said. “He would tell me people just assumed that he was into guys from what he posts on Instagram.”

“I know that he was getting comments like that from gay men, that he was really attractive and in really good shape.”

It’s unclear how they met but a source told The Post that Michaels trained Geffen, who famously posted a picture of him and staff quarantining in 2020 on his $400 million mega yacht called the Rising Sun.

Geffen, 80, and his much-younger husband were spotted touching down at a New York City heliport last Monday. 

Pictures of the pair’s Big Apple arrival show Geffen flashing a gold band on his ring finger.

It was unclear if his 30-year-old husband was wearing his.

Just weeks earlier, Showbiz411 reported the couple were married in March in a ceremony attended by only four people.

Angela Armstrong, one of Michaels’ sisters, would not confirm – nor deny – reports of the pair’s nuptials when contacted by The Post.

But one of Michaels’ friends, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Post the former fitness trainer “was always looking for his next adventure and was really determined to improve his life.”

Geffen cofounded DreamWorks as well as several record labels.

Forbes lauded him as a “luxury property aficionado” who boasts “an impressive contemporary art collection.”

He owns several sprawling estates throughout the country, including one of New York City’s priciest apartments, according to the report.

As of Thursday, Forbes estimated Geffen was worth a whopping $7.7 billion.

Sources told The Post that Michaels came from “very humble beginnings” and was one of 13 children in a family from Imlay City, Michigan, a town of just 4,000 people.

A former friend recalled how Michaels was “super secretive” and rarely divulged his history.

“It took a while to really get to know him because he was really private about his past,” said the friend, who wanted to remain anonymous.

The pal further described Michaels as “always searching for something to help him understand his past and what he experienced.”

“I think he rebelled a lot when he was younger, and that was a big part of why he left,” the friend went on.

A fashion consultant and casting director who worked with Michaels on a 2016 shoot said he was “a great model” but remembers after their initial gig, Michaels was passed over for subsequent modeling work.

“One thing I noticed was he was really into training and fitness, but as for modeling, I haven’t seen him around in years … and we work with a lot of different brands,” said the source.

Michaels wrote in one of his Instagram posts that he was represented in 2017 by Soul Artist Management, which also represents supermodel Tyson Beckford and a roster of influencers and actors.

A spokesperson for the agency, however, denied the claim to The Post. 

Donovan Michaels — David Armstrong — whomever he is — he has successfully secured the bag. Go forth and prosper, young man!

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