Kel Mitchell Wants $12K Payout from Ex-Wife for ‘Abuse of Legal System’ After Court Win

Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton via Twitter
Kel Mitchell, Tyisha Hampton via Twitter

*Kel Mitchell is accusing his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton of refusing to stop lies that she created about him, and even taking his plight before a judge.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kel filed a “bombshell declaration pleading for help” in the never-ending battle with his ex.

As we first reported last month, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that Kel did not owe any back support to Tyisha. The judge found that Tyisha had received funds from the sale of their marital home, which was applied to any support owed.

For years, Tyisha has publicly accused the actor of owing her over a million dollars. She filed declarations in court portraying Kel as an absent father who did the bare minimum regarding his kids.”Tyisha has done everything in her power to drag me through her path of destruction,” Kel previously said. “Tyisha has painted me as a deadbeat father, not only to this courtroom but to the community and my entire public platform. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Kel told the court he paid “above and beyond” what was owed for support.

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Kel Mitchell rides in the 89th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade in 2021
Kel Mitchell attends the 89th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade supporting Marine Toys For Tots on November 28, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
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But the drama with his ex is not over, despite the court ruling in his favor. He wants Tyisha sanctioned to the tune of $12,300.

Kel said over the years, his ex-wife placed liens on his bank accounts, and despite trying to talk to her after winning in court, she continued to claim he owed her money. He said Tyisha “alleges that all the attorneys, including her own counsel, and judges are committing fraud and conspiring against her.”

Kel said Tyisha has even placed a lien on his current residence, which prevents him from refinancing, selling the home, or doing anything that requires the title. “Tyisha will not withdraw the lien or have it expunged,” he explained. “She will do whatever she can to get a hold of my assets, despite having no grounds to do so.”

“She completely ignores everything that’s occurred over the past two years in hopes of trying to get money from me and my family,” he added.

Kel wants Tyisha sanctioned to prevent her from continuing with her behavior. He said, “We were divorced in 2010 and 13 years later, we are still in litigation over the same case.”

The actor continued: “I have been put through the wringer for almost two decades. I have done everything I can to work with her through this process. All she has done is drag me and my family through the mud.”

He wants all liens removed from his accounts and sanctions against Tyisha.

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