Cardi B Appears To Respond After YouTuber Tasha K Loses Appeal In $4M Defamation Suit

A federal appeals court upheld Cardi B’s $4 million verdict in her defamation lawsuit against YouTube gossip blogger Tasha K. And the “Tomorrow” raptress appears to be reacting. More inside…

The Cardi B vs. Tasha K lawsuit serves as a prominent example of the ramifications of spreading false and malicious content on social media. While the internet has provided a platform for people to share their opinions and experiences, it has also become a breeding ground for fake news, misinformation, and rumors.

Cardi B has won her defamation lawsuit against YouTube gossip blogger Tasha K, with a federal appeals court upholding the rapper’s $4 million verdict.

What Did Tasha K Say About Cardi B?

The case dates back to 2019 when Cardi B sued Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, for making false and malicious claims about the rapper on social media and YouTube.

In this case, Tasha K made a series of defamatory statements about Cardi B, including allegations of drug use, STDs, prostitution, and infidelity, which not only tarnished the rapper’s reputation but also had a significant impact on her mental health and wellbeing.

Despite repeated requests from Cardi B’s attorneys to remove the videos, Tasha K refused to do so, leading to a trial last January in which jurors unanimously sided with the Bronx-born rapper, awarding her more than $2.5 million in damages and another $1.3 million in legal fees. Judge William Ray also issued an injunction, forcing Tasha K to remove the videos from the internet.

In response, Tasha K filed an appeal, claiming that the verdict was the result of a “lopsided presentation of evidence to the jury” and that the judge withheld key evidence that might have helped her case. However, the appeals court ruled that Tasha K had failed to properly make her arguments to the trial judge and had forfeited her right to appeal.

“Defendant Latasha Kebe asks for a new trial, saying that there was insufficient evidence for the jury verdict against her,” the appeals court wrote. “But as she all but admits, she didn’t make either of the required post-verdict motions in the district court.”

The appeals court continued, “She never tells us where in the 5500-page record the district court’s alleged errors can be found,” the appeals court wrote. “Because Kebe’s brief falls well short of what we require, she has abandoned this argument.”

Uncertainty of Damages Award

The $4 million damages award is now in question, as Cardi B’s attorneys had previously warned that Tasha K might use the delay caused by her appeals to avoid paying. In September, Judge William Ray ruled that Tasha K would need to either immediately pay Cardi B or secure a bond covering the entire amount while she appeals. It is unclear if she has done either.

After the ruling, Taska K took to Twitter to apologize:

”Damn Winos! We lost the appeal…against #CardiB sad day,” she tweeted (and then deleted). “But I’m gonna be alright… I appreciate all your love & support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag… what happened will never happen again… To Cardi & Her team, I apologize sincere. We Live, & Learn…see y’all Wednesday on YouTube &”

After deleting the tweet, Tasha then poked fun at losing the appeal, sharing a photoshopped photo of herself wearing a McDonald’s uniform, tagging McDonald’s, Wendys, and Burger King to ask for a part-time job.

”#TashaKGetsAJOB I will let y’all what Part-Time gig I get so I can pay off this damn debt. #iaintgotit but I’m gonna get it. @mcdonalds @wendys @burgerking any positions available…I will do anything,” Tasha K tweeted.

The “WAP” raptress took to Twitter to tweet a photo of a spoiled dog wearing a black turtleneck sweater perched on the couch.

”How I’m feeling,” she captioned the photo of the dog.

The Cardi B vs. Tasha K case highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions on social media and the potential consequences of spreading false and malicious content. It also emphasizes the importance of respecting others’ rights to privacy and reputation and taking down false content when requested to do so.



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