Jay Ellis is Fully Set to Reprise Lawrence Character for Possible ‘Insecure’ Revival

*HBO’s hit series “Insecure” would be revived if it were within actor Jay Ellis‘ capability. Speaking with E! News during the African American Film Critics Association Awards on the red carpet, the actor discussed whether the show would return.

Ellis said, “One hundred percent. I think with a little bit of time. These characters — we saw a lot of life, we saw a lot of growth. I think they need to live a little bit.” However, the actor’s opinion isn’t final, as he mentioned that Issa Rae, the show’s creator, has the biggest say on its future.

He continued, “You gotta ask Issa, man. She can give you that answer. If I tell you yes, then she’s going to call me tomorrow and I’m going to be in a lot of trouble.”

The actor (Ellis) further shared that he wouldn’t blink regarding reprising his Lawrence role at the perfect time if the film producers ever ask him to return to the “Insecure” set. He also disclosed that cast members – guests and regulars on the series – have group chats sharing many memes.

Jay Ellis
Jay Ellis

Issa Rae had previously been asked about the possibility of an Insecure spinoff; she coyly answered, “There’s a chance for everything.” The popular Hollywood multi-hyphenate HBO dramedy had kept millions of viewers glued for five seasons with Black millennial POV, layered storylines, and dynamic characters.

The series’ season finale aired in December 2021, leaving its cast and fans heartbroken. However, with Rae’s coy answer, we all pray that the show makes a comeback someday – iced with Ellis’ reprisal of his Lawrence character.

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