Traci Braxton’s Family Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Her Death [Photos]

Traci Braxton is still being missed by her family.

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Evelyn, the matriarch of the musical family, posted several tributes to her daughter on Instagram, sharing photos of Traci and penning a note on her “first anniversary being with the lord.”

She wrote: “Dearest Tray, Although you’re not here not in the flesh, you are here in the spirit and in my mind and heart you will always be here. It’s been a year now that you have been resting with the Lord I know that you’re safe. I know you’re leaning and perhaps enjoying your time with the Lord however, I miss you so so much. God allow me to carry you in my body I felt you move even kick inside of me because there was nowhere to go. For nine months you relied on me to eat, for your breath and perhaps hoping that I would be a good vessel that God placed you in. I almost lost you twice as a baby but God said no!”

“Yes, we had our ups and downs, as most people do, as moms, daughters and families share. I love you. I loved you more than you know at the end of your life and I held you in my arms and rocked your for the last time,” she continued. “I was so grateful that God Allowed me to see you take your first breath and your Last. Grateful God had allowed me to be your mom and to be there with you, through the good, bad or indifferent. It is your happy spirit I feel and I see from day to day, your smile, your laughter and your sometimes “I don’t care” attitude. It was all you and I think God for allowing me to know you. There is a time and a season for everything baby, I guess, your Season and time came to an end.”

Ending the note in a second post, Evelyn wrote: “This is your first anniversary being with the lord, with peace and happiness, being with the angels and just resting in his bosom, Which is Something we all must do…. I love you and I miss you. Thank GOD for Jesus. Look at God

Evelyn also shared a video of her leading Traci, Tamar, Toni, Towanda and Trina in song, with their brother, Michael. “I absolutely love these precious moments like this,” she captioned the video. “This reminds me of when they were kids and I would have them sing all the time. I love who they have all become. I am a very PROUD mommy.”

Trina shared a trio of photos to her Instagram page, including a photo of a hummingbird and a candle. “Today I celebrate you. I have no montage to display. I have no sad soliloquy,” she wrote. “Today I chose to simply remember all of the happiness and Traci-ness that you have brought into my life, our families lives, and those around you. I love you. I remember you. I miss you. Rest well my beloved sister and hummingbird.”

Towanda shared a similar tribute for her sister, posting a carousel of photos to her Instagram page. “I can’t believe it’s been a whole dam year. I absolutely miss your physical presence but I’m soooooo thankful I have memories and documented ‘Traci-isms’ to last more than a lifetime,” she captioned the slides. “Yesterday, our dear family friend @sapphyrediva15 has gained her wings. I’m sure I heard y’all laughing and cutting up per usual while I was asleep. I love you…Miss your physical being…but as Trina said in her post, I too have decided to hold on and remember the awesomeness of our Traci!”

Sharing a photo featuring all her sisters together, Toni wrote, “One of my favorite sister pictures. I can hardly believe it’s been a year today. I miss you so much!”

Last April, during an appearance on Dish Nation, Tamar shared the special way her family keeps Traci’s legacy alive. “We, all the sisters, have a hummingbird locket, and it’s a locket because her ashes are actually in it,” the “Love and War” singer said. “We all have one and the reason being is because she wanted to go everywhere we went.”

Tamar shared that Traci had five hummingbird tattoos on her back to represent each one of the Braxton sisters. “She wanted to be a hummingbird and she looked at us as hummingbirds. So, here’s to my forever angel hummingbird,” she said.

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