Say What Now? Blueface’s Mom Compares Her New Man’s Penis To Her Son’s: “It’s Bigger Than My Son’s D*ck” [Photo + Video]

Karlissa Saffold, the mother of rapper and reality television star Blueface, went viral after sharing quite an explosive bit of news about her son’s, ahem, situation.

via: HotNewHipHop

These days, it’s his relationship with Chrisean Rock that’s made headlines. However, his mother, Karlissa Saffold, has been incredibly vocal when it comes to his life choices and career since “Thotiana” began popping. She evidently isn’t a fan of Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s alleged treatment of her family, though she insists that she just wants the best for her son.

It’s not uncommon for Saffold to chime in on public matters regarding her son. However, it also led to an odd narrative that she wants to sleep with her son. Most recently, her claims against Chrisean Rock led to a flurry of criticism. Saffold accused Rock of faking her pregnancy on Instagram after the mom-to-be shared a photo of her growing belly. “That belly look 6 months pregnant [laughing emoji] tighten up it ain’t even been 2 months 1/20 to 3/5,” she said before offering to pay for the ultrasound herself.

Safford might benefit from the same advice that Charlamagne gave J. Prince: “Please keep the OG off IG.” During a recent Instagram Live session, she said that she doesn’t care about those who think she shouldn’t comment on Blueface’s business. “I don’t mind if you say weird stuff. Just don’t be saying stuff about ‘I wanna sleep with him. That’s going too far, okay?” she said during the live.

However, the admission she made afterward left many scratching their head. “I got my own dick over here and it’s bigger than my son’s dick, okay? So we gonna get that all cleared up,” she said. “If you need me to post that D so that y’all know what I’m working with over here, you know I ain’t got a problem with it. I will go home and get it up for you right now and post you a nice little pic.” Somehow, she managed to make the situation worse. Perhaps, she might take a break from social media.

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