Marlon Wayans Hilariously Fact-checks Tucker Carlson’s BS Spin of Jan 6 & More | WATCH

Oh, Lawd! Funny, crazy madman Marlon Wayan has brought his brand of comedy to “The Daily Show” as guest host this week.

Last night he gave evil azz Tucker Carlson a fact-check after the Fox News host claimed the Jan. 6 (2021) rioters weren’t attacking the U.S. Capitol. Nope, the were mere “sightseers.”

“Sightseeing my Black ass,” Wayans fired back. “If you have to punch a cop on your way in, you’re not sightseeing. You fight-seeing.”

Check out the hilarity and the TRUTH, above.

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Marlon Wayans - The Daily Show
Marlon Wayans – The Daily Show

Want more? Here we go with Marlon as Quan, choppin’ it up wit’ New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Among other things, Quan wants to know if being mayor is stressful. Why can’t you buy hot food on an EBT card? Does Mayor Eric Adams really get up at 5am everyday?

To get the answer to these burning questions, ‘Quan sits down with Mayor Adams to ask questions real n****s want to know.

And there’s this: Redefining Masculinity & Embracing Vulnerability – Beyond the Scenes

From a young age, boys are inundated with messages that teach them not to cry, openly express emotions, or show any sign of weakness for fear of appearing weak or feminine. And as a result, men experience a lack of intimacy and close friendships.

Host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with the co-founder of “A Call to Men,” Ted Bunch, and developmental psychology professor at NYU, Niobe Way, to chat about how boy’s friendships evolve as they get older, the additional cultural pressures that Black and Brown men face, what men can do to prioritize their mental health, and how therapy could be transformative for a lot of men.

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