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Without women, where would the world be? There are so many things that would be impacted without the women’s touch. One industry that was impacted tremendously by women is travel.

Women invented some of the most innovative travel designs that maximize comfort. This Women’s History Month, celebrate some of the game-changing technology and products that were made by women for a comfortable travel experience

Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow

If you’re not a fan of the traditional travel neck pillow or you find yourself often in pain when traveling, then this pain-free sleep pillow is for you. 

The curved design gives your shoulders more room and head support. The design helps with neck pain, so you can get the restorative, peaceful sleep that you deserve. 

With its medical-grade gel pillow cover, this side sleeper will increase softness and coolness while you sleep. Trust that this pillow will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and invigorated. There’s no better feeling than being ready to take on your next adventure after a long trip. 

AEROCLEAN Airplane Seat Cover + Tray Cover

The pandemic shows the world how quickly germs can spread during travel. AEROCLEAN airplane seats and tray covers are a modern-day essential travel item. Deigned with non-woven polyester fabric, this product will not stick to your skin during a long flight.

The covers are reusable and easily cleaned between flights by washing with mild detergent. 

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Black Garment Bag for Travel and Storage 

This Bags For Less garment bag is a sturdy and snag-free bag that allows you to easily store your suits and dresses. The garment bag keep all professional clothing clean and neat during traveling.

Designed with rip resistance, water repellent, soft and breathable material, Bags For Less built this well-made black travel garment to last and protect your clothes.

Make Me A Morning Person Body Scrub 

If there is one thing that is paramount when traveling, it is taking care of the skin, and this body scrub is the perfect product to do exactly that.

Vacation is the perfect time to reset mentally because the setting is away from the hectic work schedule. It also is the perfect time to reconnect with some personal self-care goals.

The Make Me a Morning Person face and body scrub is a restorative and deep cleansing scrub that aims to produce soft skin with a spa-quality product. It’s also a full-body exfoliator that supports all skin types for men, women and teens. Another great feature of this product is it’s free from fillers and other harsh additives.

Travel Complete First Aid Kit 

Shout out to women for creating a first aid kit suitable for travel. Whether traveling by car, plane or boat, this first kit comes with everything you may need to make you feel safe and secure in an emergency.

This lightweight trauma first aid kit includes 125 pieces of high-quality medical kit items. Each item is organized in a resealable and waterproof quick aid pocket system, which gives you the power to easily handle any situation. Inside the kit, there are also home essentials, such as scissors, tweezers, vinyl gloves and safety pins.

SaniGirl Women Urination Device

SaniGirl created a product that makes it a little easier to legally use the bathroom outside. 

This disposable product is a squat-free female urinal that takes away bathroom anxieties and unsanitary contact. It also exposures in a neat and easy way to use. 

It comes with two packs of 10 urine funnels. It’s practical for use in all public restrooms, portable toilets and the outdoors.

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