DJ Envy Responds To Angela Yee’s Claims Of Being The Only Female Who Worked On ’Breakfast Club,’ ‘I Think She Misspoke’

There seems to be a misunderstanding after former “Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee spoke out about her time on the popular radio show alongside DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God. Now, both Envy and Yee are clarifying what was said and what it actually meant. Details inside…

Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” has been a staple in Hip-Hop culture for over a decade, with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God at the helm of the popular radio show. Towards the end of 2022, Yee announced she would be leaving the nationally syndicated show for her very own mid-day show titled, “Way Up with Angela Yee.”

Last week, Yee appeared on “Tamron Hall” to open up for the first time on daytime television about her headline-making decision to leave the popular radio show. The famed radio personality discussed the challenges she faced as the only female host during her time on the show and shared her co-hosts’ reaction to her departure.

“I knew about this for six months before they knew about it. And so it was something that was under wraps.” she said. “I think they were happy for me because if your coworkers, and I feel like this in any job, people should want you to elevate.”  

She continued, “I also feel like sometimes, I would feel like I got it harder than he [Charlmagne tha God] did for some things that he said. And so I also want to make it clear that we’re all three individuals. You say what you say, feel how you feel, and I do too. But it’s hard because people affiliate you with the whole group. And that was part of why I really wanted to have my own show because now what happens is I’m accountable for that. But when you have three different people with three different opinions or three different viewpoints and completely different personalities – we’re all individuals but sometimes it’s hard for people to separate that.” She continues, “I was the only woman who worked there too, I mean when it came to producers, camera people – and it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in.”  

Watch the clip below:

Responding to a clip shared by The Shade Room, DJ Envy refuted Yee’s comments as “simply untrue” and contended that numerous women worked behind the scenes on the show.

He wrote, “[cap emoji] “That’s not true… [cap emoji] There are plenty of women that work behind the scenes on [The Breakfast Club].”

Subsequently, Envy insinuated that Yee had misspoken and would amend her remarks. Additionally, he highlighted that the hiring for the company that broadcasts “The Breakfast Club” is overseen by iHeartMedia’s Executive Vice President of Programming, Thea Mitchem, in an interview with the Michigan Chronicle, which you can check out below:

Taking to Twitter, Yee, who is also the presenter of the Lip Service podcast, clarified her statements made during her appearance on Tamron Hall, tweeting, “Usually I don’t comment or go back and forth with people but there’s too much spinning. ‘In the room’ referred to the people in the studio: the producer, board op, videographer and hosts. Yes they are men. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing women who are execs, salespeople, interns, and in other departments. I’ve said this on many occasions: that it can be hard when your viewpoint is different based on your experience. I didn’t anticipate that this would cause such a firestorm.”

”Everyone texting me ‘are you ok’ (which I appreciate!) and I know I don’t normally take the time to overexplain because it drags things out even more but that’s all.”

Several celebs, including Lil Mama, took to TSR’s comments to bash Angela Yee for what they deemed problematic behavior while she was on the show.








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