Black History Today with the Hudson Heights Project: ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel’ | WATCH

*The Hudson Heights Project launched Black History Month 2023 with the release of a new music video featuring a performance of the (Negro) Spiritual “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel.”

This song is a historical embodiment of the consciousness of a people. The music video, captured on the streets of Harlem, follows these unique baritones as they portray an expression of contemporary sentiments. The song and video are out now everywhere

Watch or Stream “Didn’t The Lord Deliver Daniel – The Anthem Spiritual” above OR HERE:

“When George Floyd was brutally murdered, many artists were looking for a way to respond to the racial unrest. DIDN’T MY LORD DELIVER DANIEL- The Anthem Spiritual was developed as a response to the injustices stemming from racially motivated acts. It was a collective expression of solidarity to signify that our strength, resilience, and faith would continue to sustain us–Black America–as it had in times past. We continue to reiterate, “WE WILL NOT BE BROKEN!” . . .and what a powerful expression for this message to come from men of strength.” Andrew Horton, Founder of the Hudson Heights Project

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Hudson Heights Project
Hudson Heights Project

People are Talking:
“There is a texture that exists in black voices that’s uniquely undeniable. It’s like a finely woven quilt of spirit, emotions, sound, story, art, AND history. When I listen to this I hear generations and generations of JOY, PAIN, SUNSHINE, and RAIN. Saturday night blues, Sunday service, and Sunday dinner. Well done!!!!” – Donald Lawrence, Grammy Award-winning Producer/Songwriter

“The Negro Spiritual is alive and well in the hands of The Hudson Heights Project. The power of men’s voices married to the deep soul yearnings felt in the lyrics is chilling…and perfect for today.”Ann Nesby, 2x Grammy Winner, Singer, Songwriter Former lead singer “Sounds of Blackness

“I truly love this new interpretation of the classic Spiritual. Six brilliant Baritones – profound, edgy, and powerfully distinctive, wield a timeless reminder that God STILL is. For only God’s omnipotent voice can deliver any man.”Alvin Chea, 6x Grammy-winning Bass Vocalist from Take 6

About The Hudson Heights Project:
The Hudson Heights Project is an ensemble of professional baritones of color based in the NYC area. They were formed by singer/arranger Andrew Horton to present distinguished songs from the rich history of African-Americans with songs that highlight the black experience–from early America until the present day.

The Hudson Heights Project vocal ensemble is Jonathan Burke, Miguel Angel Vasquez, Andrew Horton, Steven Kirby, Gary Mitchell, Kenneth Skinner, Tristan Layne William T. Travis, and Isaac Greer.

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source: The Ovation Agency

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