Real Housewives of Miami’ star Guerdy Abraira on Season 5, upcoming reunion: ‘It was chaotic, emotional and loud’

The reality TV star and successful wedding planner joined the rebooted series last year as the city’s first Haitian Real Housewife.

Don’t mistake Guerdy Abraira’s kindness for weakness. TheGrio caught up with “The Real Housewives of Miami” star last week, breaking down her second season on the hit Peacock reboot series, how she went into this year more comfortable than ever before and what we can expect from the upcoming reunion.

Guerdy Abraira of “The Real Housewives of Miami”
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Eight years after its third season, “The Real Housewives of Miami” returned to TV screens, becoming the first official “reboot” of the housevivws franchise. Mixing old cast members with newcomers, the fourth season has been a hit for Peacock, receiving positive critical and fan response.

Joining “OG” cast members like Larsa Pippen and Alexia Nepola in Season 4 were newbies Dr. Nicole Martin, Julia Lemigova and Guerdy Abraira. A glamorous Haitian party planner, Guerdy has fit right in, taking audiences into her fast-paced career and revealing intimate details of her personal life and of course, diving right into the drama when necessary.

“Oh honey, I have been showing the full Guerdy experience and there is more to come,” she teased. “This season, we really got into the thick of things.”

“I’m nice until I’m not,” she explained. “After strikes one, two and then three, it’s like OK you are taking my kindness for weakness. I had to lay down the law with some people who were not being respectful and were dismissive.”

Season 5 certainly has stepped it up in the drama department, as the group continued to deal with tension between the original cast members and the new additions, specifically between Alexia and Guerdy because the latter felt that the “OG” was dismissive of her.

Despite their tension, Guerdy has love for Alexia and all of her castmates, an example of the real bonds between the cast members that fans are so drawn to. “My feelings for Alexia will never change. I love her, I feel like she’s a sister to me and that’s why I am holding her accountable, because I want to make it right and move forward.”

The women of Miami also just shot their Season 5 reunion, which having shot her first one for Season 4, Guerdy felt plenty prepared going into it. “I wanted it to be an organic process and not me thinking, ‘When she says this, I am going to say that’… I am not that person. I’m reactive and I knew there would be a big segment between Alexia and I, and I was 100% set on making sure she understood what she did wrong.”

Teasing the upcoming reunion in just three words, Guerdy called it, “Chaotic, emotional and loud.”

Season 5 of “The Real Housewives of Miami” is currently streaming and new episodes drop Thursdays on Peacock.

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