EXCLUSIVE ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2: Coco Jones Opens Up About Finding Her Second Family On Set, While Jabari Banks Gets Real About Becoming The New Fresh Prince!

If you thought “Bel-Air” Season 1 was fire, wait until you hear about what’s coming up in Season 2! In our exclusive interview, “Bel-Air” star Coco Jones opens up about her experience filming the upcoming season and the close bond she’s formed with her co-stars, while Jabari Banks gets real about the pressure of taking on such an iconic role. Dive into the world of Bel-Air inside…

The second season of Peacock’s “Bel-Air” premieres this week, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the beloved characters.

As the dramatic re-imagining of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” returns for its second season, Will and the Banks family begin to see how their dreams might clash with the world of Bel-Air, and each character must consider what risks they’re willing to take to achieve personal success. As they confront their community’s and their own expectations of themselves, they will soon discover who they truly are beneath it all.

“Bel-Air” star Coco Jones, who plays Hilary Banks in the show, recently opened up about the family dynamic on set in an interview with YBF correspondent Jada Watts. When asked about the family relationship dynamics, Coco shared that she was initially closed off and distrusting due to the false promises she heard as a child in the entertainment industry. However, as she spent more time with the cast, she learned that they were hardworking, multi-talented, and kind human beings who taught her things about life in different ways.

”I think me personally, growing up as a child in the industry, I became very closed off and distrusting just because you hear a lot of false promises since you’re a little kid, and then you just start to believe that everybody is ‘cap’,” Coco explained.

“I had a hard time really letting people into my full heart, but with time, spending my full days and nights with all of these amazing people, I realized they are literally like me. They just have passion for these things, they’re hardworking, they’re multi-talented, they’re kind. They have no egos about them, no pridefulness. They’re just good solid human beings who are hilarious and who can teach me things about life in all these different ways, and it feels like I do have a second family.”

Coco’s co-stars, Cassandra Freeman (who plays Aunt Viv) and Akira Akbar (who plays Ashley Banks), also spoke about their love for the show’s luxurious fashion and their next-level makeup. They also gave advice and tips for viewers.

Watch their full interview below:

As for another “Bel-Air” star…

Jabari Banks told us how his life “got flipped, turned upside down” when he landed the role of a lifetime as the new Fresh Prince in “Bel-Air.”

The young star opened up about his initial reaction to the news, and let’s just say, it’s safe to assume he was in shock.

“I mean, I was kind of stunned like when I first got that call from Will I was super stunned I just went straight to sleep because I was like I think like am I in a dream is this real,” Jabari explained.

We can only imagine how he must have felt – a mix of disbelief, excitement, and probably a little bit of fear. But fast forward to today, and Jabari has fully embraced his new role and is ready to bring his own spin to the beloved character of Will.

Watch his full interview below: 

“Bel-Air” Season 2 premieres Thursday, February 23rd (with new episodes streaming weekly) on PEACOCK.

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