10 Black-owned candle brands to shop (and sniff) this season

This National Scented Candle Day, don’t just shop around for any new scent. Use your nose to shop Black-owned candle brands.

It’s National Scented Candle Day — yes, that’s a real thing — and while we love a seasonal scent from Bath & Body Works, we found some Black-owned brands that will make you want to swap out “Mahogany Teakwood” for something more colorful this fall. Just like Black culture, these candles offer a variety of aesthetics, price points and experiences, and are guaranteed to enhance your home ambiance — and are always great for gifting, too. 

KEYS Soulcare

Created by Grammy-award-winning singer Alicia Keys, KEYS Soulcare offers more than just skincare products. The holistic brand’s Sage + Oat Milk candle provides a sweet and subtle scent that unlocks relaxation for the perfect soul-nurturing ritual. The Pop Sugar Beauty Award-winning candle costs $39 and is available at  today! Listen to ‘Writing Black’ with Maiysha Kai.

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