JPMorgan Chase Reportedly Dropped Yeezy Brand BEFORE Ye’s Anti-Semitic Comments + Candace Owens Pops Off On Kim K – ‘I Am Not The One’

Turns out, JPMorgan Chase decided to cut ties with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, weeks before he made anti-semitic comments. Deets on why they decided to end their partnership, plus check out receipts of controversial conservative Candace Owens popping off on Ye’s estranged wife Kim Kardashian for “planting stories” about her inside….

Speculation surrounding Kanye West’s current mental state is at an all-time high as he has been making headlines over controversial comments about “white lives” and Jewish people.

It was recently revealed by controversial conservative Candace Owens that JP Morgan Chase decided to cut ties with Ye’s Yeezy Brand and gave him until November to locate another bank to retain his multibillion-dollar company, Yeezy. It was initially believed the bank decided to end their partnership with the Chi-town rapper due to anti-Semitic comments he made over the weekend.

It turns out, this decision was WEEKS in the making.

Candace Owens, a conservative activist who has been seen publicly at events with Ye, tweeted the letter ending the rapper’s relationship with JPMorgan on Wednesday.

Candace posted a picture of JPMorgan’s warning to the rapper, along with the statement: “I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to indicate that he had until late November to find another place for the Yeezy business to bank.”

The letter read, “Dear Ye, We are sending this letter to confirm that JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (The Bank) has chosen to cancel its banking relationship with Yeezy LLC and its connected organizations, as we recently discussed with [redacted name].”

While many believed the bank cut ties with Ye due to his problematic comments about Jewish people, it has been revealed that’s not true! According to s JPMorgan Chase spokesperson, the letter was sent to Ye on September 20th. The decision was made after the “Flashing Lights” rapper publicly stated his intention to sever ties with the bank. The Grammy-winning rapper has 60 days from the date of the letter to find a new banking relationship.

Before the letter was issued to Ye, the 45-year-old rapper told Bloomberg News he planned to cut many of his corporate ties, saying, “It’s time for me to go it alone.” He also chastised JPMorgan for denying him access to Jamie Dimon, the bank’s CEO and chairman.

Well, he got exactly what he asked for.

Despite saying he’s “going death con 3” on Jews and accusing Jews in high places in Hollywood of screwing over Black entertainers, Ye said he doesn’t wish harm on Jewish people.

TMZ reports:


Kanye was leaving the screening of Candace Owens’ new doc Wednesday … the photog asked about the film, and Kanye seemed stunned he wasn’t asked about his anti-Semitic remarks right out of the box

Ye makes it clear … his comments in the last week were thought out and intentional. He seems to have personal grievances with Jews who run entertainment companies that he says have wronged him and other Black entertainers. What he doesn’t explain … is he raising the issue because he thinks the execs who did him wrong did so because they’re Jewish?

Kanye has specific grievances against JP Morgan … saying he sunk $140 million into the company only to be dropped by them after he and Owens sported “White Lives Matter” shirts.

Yesterday, TMZ put out a report that said sources close to Ye believe Candace is “influencing” him and had been reaching out to people on Kanye’s behalf, working to set up calls, meetings and appearances.

The sire reported:

We’re told folks who were close to Kanye (many have distanced themselves after his recent attacks) believe he’s in a bad space mentally, and anyone working to persuade him to do anything other than get help doesn’t have his best interests at heart.

You’ll recall, Ye popped up at Candace’s documentary premiere in Nashville, TN earlier this week. His homie Ray J, who has been blasting the Kardashian family over the “sex tape” narrative, was also in attendance. It’s alleged the link up was coordinated by Candace in spite of Kim Kardashian.

Well, Candace wants Kim K and the world to know she isn’t influencing Ye in any way, shape or form. Not only that, she popped off on Kim K, letting her know she’s “not the one” or the two! In a series of posts on her IG Stories, Candace warned Kim K to stop “planting stories” about her because she’s “not Hollywood” and she let the reality star know she doesn’t want a media war with her. Peep her reactions below:




Oh, she mad mad!

Honestly, they’re all one in the same. So, we’ll just watch this trainwreck from the sidelines. It’s above us now.

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