Kanye West Doubles Down On Anti-Semitic Comments, Controversial Conservative Candace Owens Reveals JP Morgan Chase Bank Cut Ties With Yeezy Brand

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, doubles down on anti-Semitic comments he made over the weekend, which resulted in his Instagram and Twitter account being put on lockdown. After receiving criticism about his “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, he started spewing vile things about Jewish people, which has seemingly launched the rapper being canceled by several big brands. Get into the latest of Ye’s problematic antics inside….

Ye, formally known as Kanye West, has doubled down on his problematic anti-Semitic comments he made over the weekend, which resulted in a social media shutdown.

Last night, Ye made his way to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the premiere of Candace Owens’ new documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, where he snapped it up on the carpet with Candace as well as singer/reality star Ray J and musician Kid Rock (pictured above and below).

Sources told TMZ, Candace worked to get both Kanye and Ray J to attend in an attempt to scorn Ye’s estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. As you know, there’s been drama surrounding the infamous Ray J & Kim K sex tape, which still haunts Kim to this day.

Earlier this week, Candace blasted Kim K after releasing an alleged audio from an alleged old voicemail from Kim to Ray J where Kim calls musical icon Whitney Houston an “old hag.” At that time, Ray was allegedly dating the late singer.

You’ll recall, Candace rocked a “White Lives Matter” shirt alongside Ye in his “White Lives Matter” shirt at his Yeezy show during Paris Fashion Week. The Chi-town rapper also wore the shirt to his daughter North West’s basketball game.

Ye was stopped by Page Six as he was leaving the documentary screening where he addressed all of the brands that have dropped him due to his online rants, including Adidas and JP Morgan Chase. When asked about anti-semitic comments he made over the weekend, the Jesus Is King rapper doubled down on his statements, claiming he’s “happy” he “crossed the line.”

”Hey, if you call somebody out for bad business, that means you’re being antisemitic,” Ye told the New York Post. “I feel happy to have crossed the line of that idea so we can speak openly about things like getting canceled by a bank,” he told photographers before calling himself “the richest black man in American history.”

Watch the clip below:

Yesterday, the controversial conservative disclosed that JP Morgan Chase gave the “Flashing Lights” rapper until November to locate another bank to retain his multibillion-dollar company, Yeezy.


Candace posted a picture of the warning along with the statement: “I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to indicate that he had until late November to find another place for the Yeezy business to bank”

The letter read, “Dear Ye, We are sending this letter to confirm that JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. (The Bank) has chosen to cancel its banking relationship with Yeezy LLC and its connected organizations, as we recently discussed with [redacted name].”

After he made many anti-Semitic remarks over the weekend, JP Morgan Chase decided to drop Ye, following behind Adidas who also cut ties with the rapper after he called out the brand for reportedly plagiarizing his ideas.

So, what did Ye post that caused him to get locked out of his accounts?

Ye shared a screenshot of a text exchange with Hip Hop mogul Diddy, who had attacked his “White Lives Matter” clothing, on Instagram early last Sunday.

Ye texted Diddy, “This ain’t a game,” in response. “I’m going to use you as an example to prove to the Jews who directed you to call me that they can’t intimidate or sway me”

Ye then tweeted, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

Peep the rant below:

The Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles reacted to Ye’s comments:

”Words matter and words have consequences,” the attraction wrote. “We invite Ye and the public to visit us at Holocaust Museum LA to understand just how words can incite horrific violence and genocides. The Holocaust started with words that begat stereotypes, racial and religious tropes, and blaming others, leading to the murder of six million Jews.”

”At Holocaust Museum LA it is our mission to commemorate those who were murdered, educate on the Holocaust and all genocides, including the Armenian Genocide, and inspire a more dignified and humane world. Words can incite or inspire. It’s your choice,” they concluded.

Brands and networks have been axing Ye’s interviews in response to his controversial comments.

Ye’s recently recorded appearance on “The Shop” has been canceled, according to LeBron James’ longtime business partner Maverick Carter, one of the hosts, who claimed that Ye used the platform to spew more “hate speech.”

In a statement, Maverick Carter said that after booking Ye several weeks prior, his episode was taped on Monday, Oct. 10th.

“After talking to Kanye directly the day before we taped, I believed he was capable of a respectful discussion, and he was ready to address all his recent comments,” Carter said. “Unfortunately, he used The Shop to reiterate more hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.”

We’d like to note LeBron James, an executive producer and frequent co-host, was reportedly not present at the taping. Smart move.

Ye also made multiple anti-Semitic statements in parts of a recent interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson that were not broadcast where he also mentioned “fake children” were infiltrating his home.

”Planned Parenthood was made by Margaret Sanger, a known eugenics, with the KKK to control the Jew population,” Ye told Carlson. “When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Black really are. This is who our people are. The blood of Christ. This, as a Christian, is my belief.”

In the unaired section of the interview that Motherboard was able to get, the rapper advanced a number of antisemitic conspiracies. Ye reportedly told Carlson in the unaired part that “fake children” — actors, he added — had been brought into his home “to sexualize” his children in addition to the antisemitic insults, according to Motherboard.

Watch below:

At this point, it’s clear as day that Ye is spiraling out of control.