Styles P Announces He Will Retire As A Solo Artist In 2023: ‘I Think I Gave Y’all Enough’ [Photo]

Styles P of The LOX is apparently planning his retirement as a solo artist next year.

via: Complex

The LOX rapper took to Instagram this week to announce his retirement as a solo artist, revealing that he’ll be dropping two final projects before he plans on exiting stage left in late 2023.

“I will be retiring late 2023 as far as my solo career is concerned,” Styles P wrote. “I have two more solo projects for y’all and I’m Out!!! I’ll be on deck for all things LOX music, shows etccc.”

“I say this with a deeper over standing of self and evaluating the status of my own mental health,” he continued. “I have noticed I have become less spiritually healthy than I used to be. I believe I have run myself down a tad bit over the past few years. Being a super hard working emcee and a health advocate. I thought about it harder and came to the conclusion that I need to walk away from my solo career period (I think I gave y’all enough).”

In addition to calling it quits as far as his solo career is concerned, Styles P announced plans to step down as as owner of Juices For Life.

“My main focus is trying to push Farmacy For Life to the next level,” he shared. “I’ve realized I slacked and never adequately traveled to the [Juices For Life locations in Brooklyn, Fordham, and Tremont]. This isn’t fair to my partners, nor is it inspirational to the youth that are watching. It’s also not fair to myself, to be honest with you. For that, I apologize. As a result, I am stepping away from Juices For Life as a co-founder and owner. I believe, rather I know, the people are in good hands with my partners and brothers … they have the same passion and drive and care for the people as I do … so y’all [are] good.”

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