Mother of 3 Killed in Buffalo After Posting Chilling Domestic Abuse Footage [Video]

Buffalo police are investigating the death of 30-year-old Keaira Hudson.

via: WKBW

The mother, 30-year-old Keaira Hudson, was in an abusive marriage with her husband according to her family members. Hudson’s sister, Montaysha Jeter, says her sister posted a disturbing video of her being beaten by her husband on social media.

“She’s just been trying to get help. I’ve been with her going to police stations, she’s been texting me, sending me videos, giving me her phone password just in case,” Jeter said.

Jeter says her sister was staying with their mother because she feared for her life.

“She’s been staying at my mom’s house for the last couple of days and she was going to go to court today because he was trying to get custody,” Jeter said.

Hudson, unfortunately, never made it to court or work Wednesday morning.

Hudson’s family members tell 7 News that she left the house Wednesday morning to drop her three children off at school. Hudson’s mother says Keaira went so far as to wear a bulletproof vest before leaving the house.

Jeter says her mother asked Hudson why she was putting on the vest, and Hudson responded, “because mom he’s going to kill me you don’t understand.”

Jeter says as soon as Hudson went around the corner in her car, that he “smashed into the front of her car and got out of the car with a shotgun, shot her and pulled off.”

The ex-boyfriend and father of one of Hudson’s children, Andrew Hodge, says that this should have never happened.

“I know he was arrested a couple of days ago for domestic violence,” Hodge said.

Hodge and Hudson’s daughter was one of the children in the car, according to Hodge, and she saw everything that happened – including her mother’s murder.

Hodge says Hudson was trying to figure out how to keep her family safe. “She would call and ask questions saying ‘what should I do?’ When the video was posted on Facebook, everybody saw it. Everybody was trying to help her and this is what happens.”

Buffalo Police say 45-year-old Adam Bennefield is currently wanted for questioning in Hudson’s murder.

The homicide Wednesday morning shares similarities to another case involving Bennefield that happened 22 years ago.

Back in 2000, Bennefield slammed a stolen car into a vehicle driven by his ex-girlfriend on Route 33. He then forced at gunpoint the ex-girlfriend and her passenger into his vehicle and lead police on a high-speed chase.

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